Six Seven


6 and 7: This will be a relationship that can be simply classified as an 'Opposites Attract' kind of a relationship. The number 6 is inclined towards building a family with their partner whereas 7 is filled with wanderlust and an outgoing approach. The number 7 seeks art, philosophy, and knowledge whereas number 6 is driven entirely by control, family, and romance. These characteristics are less likely to sink with number 7.

The differences of these individuals are so many that is very difficult for them to reach to a mutual agreement in any case. The clashes will be ruthless. to work this relationship out each of your individual traits will be bent to such an extent that it may cause discomfort to the pair. In a nutshell, this combination is an extremely challenging pair according to numerology. However, other factors also influence the relationship of two individuals and numerology is just one the factors. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 6 and 7, you should perform the Venus Puja.

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Compatibility of Number six with all other Numbers

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