Four Six


4 and 6: The pair of numbers 4 and 6 is quite apt for each other. They are an ideal couple who manage and act well in accordance with one another. In this combination, the number 6 tends to take the lead and would want to be the provider and caretaker in this relationship.

As they look forward to getting married and start a new life together, their relationship takes a new turn in the heavenly direction. A need for family life and a sense of belongingness is provided to the number 6 which is the natural characteristic of 6 as per numerology. This makes their bond stronger than ever.

The little compromises that the relationship asks from time to time are what this couple will be unable to cope with. If they manage to compromise a little in the situations which ask for it, this relationship can certainly the label of a perfect one. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 4 and 6, you should perform the Rahu Puja and Venus Puja.

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Compatibility of Number four with all other Numbers

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