4 and 7: The relationship between number 4 and number 7 is a quest for spirituality and new findings. Both these individuals have a keen interest in the foundations of life. The spiritualism here is not confused with religion but understood as ideology. They have unlimited topics to talk upon. They are thirsty and looking for the virtue of existence.

In spite of having so much in common their relation suffers from a wall of ego. They both want to take the charge of the relationship with the strong minds they have. They are never ready to back down and that is the inception of the clashes. They can be good friends but a relationship would not be lasting.

Two dominating people in a relationship push people to their limits. They bring out the negative side in the other person. Though, if they learn to respect other's opinion then this match can definitely be a successful, happy and exciting match. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 4 and 7, you should perform the Rahu Puja and Venus Puja.

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