Three Four


3 and 4: Too many differences in viewing the life, handling situations, and opinions on the matter, etc occurs between them. They differ on almost everything. The biggest issue is that they are just not able to find a common ground to settle their problems or even for a discussion. They both will certainly be loyal to each other. But that is not enough. They need to understand each other's point of view for which they are not patient enough.

The number has a tendency of being the controller of everything in life. The number 3 is obsessed with freedom and seeking attention. If 3 calms down a bit and control their spontaneity and make the number 4 understand that keeping details of everything suffocates you. They will understand over time.

There is a dire need of clear communication between the two. The relationship can be made to work out but a lot of efforts will be needed to put in. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 3 and 4, you should perform the Jupiter Puja and Rahu Puja.

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Compatibility of Number three with all other Numbers

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