Three Seven


3 and 7: A number 3 and 7 match is not ideal in terms of compatibility. The number 3 will time and again fail in providing the intensity in the relationship that number 7 is looking for. The number 7 is bound to feel lost in the relationship with number 3. There will no sense of clarity. They have different preferences in life. The 3 is always keen to go out and catch up with friends or wander around and this doesn't sink well with the number 7.

The number seven is desperately seeking security and a sense of togetherness and belongingness. They are looking for someone to depend upon. This security is missing in a relationship with 3. When they plan to discuss a problem, it is more likely to turn into an argument. There is dire need of compromises on both ends to make the relationship work out. Both the partners need to speak out about what they exactly want from each other. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 3 and 7, you should perform the Jupiter Puja and Venus Puja.

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Compatibility of Number three with all other Numbers

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