4 and 9: This is an extremely difficult match to have an understanding. These are two different souls who find it hard to get along. They have no middle ground of understanding. They need to learn to respect each other.

Over a period of time, 4 will begin to acknowledge 9's wisdom and knowledge. Therefore, the 9 must also learn to accept and pace up with 4's need to organize and plan every little detail of life.

They both know that their approach towards life is poles apart. To work this relationship out they need to have an understanding of how the other person looks at things and act in accordance. A completely free minded approach cannot be followed by these 9individuals while they're dating each other because it won't sink well with the other person.

Their differences can be embraced only after acceptance. Number 4 needs to accept 9's urge and sympathy to help everyone and 9 needs to understand the 4's need of security and solidarity in the relationship. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 4 and 9, you should perform the Rahu Puja and Mangal Puja.

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Compatibility of Number four with all other Numbers

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