Six Nine


6 and 9: The relationship compatibility of a number 6 with a number 9 is one of the most positive and successful matches of all. Number 9 is one of those rare people who gain the respect of a number 6. The 6 just falls for the way, his every effort is recognized and appreciated by number 9. The number 6 is obliged with the overwhelming response of number 9 in respect to the efforts of 6. The number 6 takes care of the household by keeping it at utmost priority. These characteristics build for a loving and affectionate atmosphere at home.

Together, they help each other broaden their outlook towards life. The number is capable of noticing and enhancing the minute details of life and 9 shows 6, life from a broader perspective.

The issues they may face together are finance related because both of them will be dependent on each other to take care of finances and as a matter of fact none of them is good enough at managing finances. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 6 and 9, you should perform the Venus Puja and Mangal Puja.

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Compatibility of Number six with all other Numbers

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