Five Six


5 and 6: This is a combination of two individuals who are not ready to make any efforts at all to understand each other. They are looking for totally different things in life. The number 5 is naturally driven by change, escapade, and experiences. On the other hand, the number 6 is completely different in their set of needs. A number 6 is looking forward to taking care of a family and shower them with affection. They want to take control of everything and the number 5 hates being in control of someone. Number 6 has a keen desire for commitment whereas the 5 isn't even that serious or probably does not keep the relationship at that much priority.

This is a difficult match overall. Things can only be worked out when both the partners are dedicated to making this workout. As a matter of fact, they are likely to face too many hassles in reaching the common ground in any discussion. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 5 and 6, you should perform the Mercury Puja and Venus Puja.

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Compatibility of Number five with all other Numbers

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