5 and 9: Both these individuals are constantly looking forward to new ventures in life. Their motto is consistent moving. The constant transition in their life provides them with the much-needed adrenaline rush to keep going.

Facing the similar kind of situations in life, they are likely to understand each other's frame of mind. Both of them are likely to find plenty of things in common. As they find the things in common, their bond will strengthen. This way they will come close and take interest in each other for a long term.

If they start a business together, they are most likely to carry out the business successfully. The development-oriented approach of number 9 and up to date thinking of no. 5 can do wonders together. The goals are decided as a team and you work towards them hand in hand. This is the reason this relationship turns out to be fruitful for both of you. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 5 and 9, you should perform the Mercury Puja and Mangal Puja.

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Compatibility of Number five with all other Numbers

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