Five Eight


5 and 8: The relationship between the numbers 5 and 8 may struggle with a difference of opinions, time and again. The common thing amongst them is that none of them is fond of abiding the rules. The number 8 has his own set of rules whereas the 5 is least concerned about any of them. The number 8 is possessive and controlling, 5 is completely driven by freedom.

This match is particularly difficult to work out. However, if the two individuals are willing to put in efforts, they need to keep in mind that a lot of hard work will be needed. In the financial matters, 5 is lucky to have number 8. Number 8 is ambitious about money and will be taking care of all the finances. Taking care of finances or even earning money is not 5's cup of tea. To workout, this relationship demands a lot of compromises and efforts on the both ends. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 5 and 8, you should perform the Mercury Puja and Shani Puja.

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Compatibility of Number five with all other Numbers

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