Five Seven


5 and 7: These two together form a relationship that is free from rules and regulations. Both of them have pretty much the same mindset. They love their personal space and do not mind providing the other person with their share of space. The number 7 finds peace in knowledgeable and overwhelming experiences whereas the number 5 purely enjoys a spontaneous life.

The 5 is happy that 7 is not demanding attention all the time. And the relationship does not revolve around one person. The 5 basically looks for a partner who has their own life and lets them live theirs. This couple gels up soon with each other and sooner they find plenty of things in common, and the never ending affair begins.

The only problem that may occur is when 5 wishes to hang out without their partner 7. This will provoke a jealous instinct and further result into something disastrous for the relationship. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 5 and 7, you should perform the Mercury Puja and Shukra Puja.

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Compatibility of Number five with all other Numbers

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