Budh (Mercury) Puja

About Budh (Mercury) Puja

Budh or Mercury Puja is done to appease the planet Mercury (Budh). Planet Mercury is considered to be associated with knowledge and wisdom and so to appease him.

Those who are weak at studies, experience lack of concentration, have skin related health issues, problem related to nervous system etc., should worship Budh. Also those running Mercury (budha) dasha or Sub-period.

A prayer to Budh, on Wednesdays, brings in manifold benefits like removing obstacles, possession of knowledge, concentration, wealth, lands, etc. The Budh Puja is done with faith to ward off all evils of planet Budh (Mercury) as per the horoscope.

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By Kashish Chopra, web designer, Boston

Mercury or Budh Puja really aided me in gaining hold over my business. I have progressed in my business with the grace of Lord Mercury or Budh. I have acquired land from a rival which was stuck from years. It is a good puja and should be performed on a regular basis. if you do not have time, you can order it through Askganesha.com.

By Manas Chaturvedi, Businessman, Delhi

I evolved cervical problem and visited many doctors and did many tests. I went to many physiotherapist, got messages and physiotherapies but nothing worked. On consulting the astrologer of Askgnaesha.com, I got to know that mercury in my horoscope is marquesh. I performed Mercury appeasing Puja. I even perform puja to Lord Ganesha ji on every Wednesday, offer him ladoos, paan etc. my pain is much much better now.

By Radhika Chandra, Student, Chandigarh

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