Destiny Number 1


About Destiny Number 1

Being under the influence of lucky number 1 in numerology, you stand ahead of everyone else proudly and willingly. Honesty, sincerity, and dignity if followed by you in life, will take you to the next level. However, a misleading path is never going to be fruitful for you. Success has always been on your cards and as a matter of fact, it naturally comes to you. You ought to become proud, dominant and brag about things. On the contrary, according to numerology, they are such versatile beings that they are able to adjust themselves in literally any atmosphere of the situation they wish to. You are a leader and not a follower. You believe in things and ideas strongly and it is difficult to change your mind. You persuade others to follow your instinct.

Being ruled by the super planet Sun, you have a bright face and in dire need of attention. You enjoy being the center of attraction wherever you are. With the dynamic personality you have, you deserve it all. However, your dignity is at foremost priority for you.

Blessed with a diplomatic nature, you are able to maintain cordial relations with all. This nature drives you towards a high post in politics or a prominent leader.

You suffer from eyesight issues from an early age; by the time you reach the 40s you have a high probability of hypertension and sight problems.

Remedies for Number 1:
  • Feed the stray cows with wheat chapattis and jaggery.
  • In the morning, perform Suryanamaskar by offering water to the Lord Sun
  • Respect and act upon your father's wish
  • Perform  Surya Puja
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