Destiny Number 4


About Destiny Number 4

The number 4 is ruled by Rahu, in the astrology are believed to control most of the events happening in a social circle. The number 4 denotes intellect and tongue. Your words are powerful and clear. You are expressive and are able to express your thoughts well. People prefer to keep you on their sides in case of arguments. You are often advising or helping others with their life issues. You are wise and understanding comes naturally to you and this is why you are able to help out people. You have got the capability of connecting with people. However, you must beware! People take advantage of you in terms of time and money. Choose your friends wisely; keep your emotions in control. You tend to blindly sway with people advice, let your intuition guide you and it will be much better if you make your own decisions. Your soft and giving nature creates a trouble for you most of the times.

You are fond of luxuries and possess a good sense of life. You are focused on earning and spending your own money. You wish to spend lavishly on food and drinks and prefer spending time with the people you adore. Good company matters a lot to you. Also, if someone messes with your head, you are quick to cut them off. However, being a big mouth you blurt out things at times which are not supposed to be revealed. Number 4s are excellent business persons.

Remedies for Number 4:
  • Feed the fishes.
  • Giveaway udad daal and black clothes on Saturdays.
  • Worship Lord Shiva.
  • Perform  Rahu Puja
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