Destiny Number 2


About Destiny Number 2

The number 2 is ruled by the moon. The characteristics of the moon can be well seen in a person ruled by the moon. The moon is the controller of mind, imagination, and calm. If your destiny number is 2, you mood swings change in accordance to the moon's waning and waxing cycle. You may sometimes be happy and all charged up and just the next day, you are sinking in depression. Being close to Earth, the influence of the moon is much stronger. The lunar influence may either make your thoughts run wide and make you an intelligent intellectual or on being unable to channelize your thoughts and be left to a madcap. You have such an uncertain temperament that people around you might actually be astonished on being witness to your rage.

Possessing the characteristic of the moon there is also a hidden side of you. The dark side of you is hidden from the world. Being a number 2 you are scared of trusting others and because of this characteristic of yours, you want complete every task by your own self. You feel depending on others puts you down. You are easy prey to flattery and are cheated roughly. Be wise with friends and partners you open up to. Don't get swayed away with praises.

The best quality about number 2s is that they are the most likable people. In a peer group, they are cordial with everyone and have a pleasant aura. However, when we talk about your family life, you are unable to meet the diverse needs and are often too busy trying to settle your own problems and issues. It makes you sad that your own partner and relatives speak unkind words for you. You feel victimized and stress over it.

Remedies for Number 2:
  • Donate milk on Mondays and full moon nights.
  • Wear white clothes.
  • Keep a peacock feather in your books or in the room.
  • Perform  Moon Puja
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