Destiny Number 8


About Destiny Number 8

The number 8 in numerology is not considered to be the number of extremes. This number is powerful to the extent that it will show you the best or the worst days of your life in the blink of an eye. The number 8 is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is a planet that makes its native work hard and also learns the lesson hard way. Nothing comes easily to a person who has their destiny number 8. But being difficult makes it even more worth it. They may have to face hardships in life but this makes them more sincere and determined towards achieving their goals in life. The hurdles they face in life polishes them overall. The life struggles of the natives of number 8 make them learn this from childhood itself that honesty, hard work, and good deeds are the only key to achieve their desires.

Most of the members of the number 8 family may have teeth related trouble and live an untidy lifestyle. These individuals are capable of resisting temptations but however feel isolated at times. If they correctly deal with the influence of Saturn, they make take the saintly road whereas a number 8 native wrongly afflict may even become a criminal.

In numerology, the 8 has not earned a very good reputation. The number 8 is looked upon as a number of sorrows, misery, struggle and death. The ruler of this number, Saturn is ruthless and does not let you have anything easy. You have to struggle for it; work for it and only then you get it.

Remedies for Number 8:
  • Visit the temple on Saturdays; pour oil and black daal on the Shani murti.
  • Give away black clothes to the needy.
  • Distribute black chole outside temple on Saturdays.
  • Perform  Shani (Saturn) Puja
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