Destiny Number 5


About Destiny Number 5

Driven by an intellect speed as fast as lighting, the number 5s are always equipped with the latest technology or information that is prevailing. If a person is willing to learn something new, number 5s are a certain hotshot stop for them, because they know it all. You are intellectual with thoughts and wise with words. You know exactly what you are supposed to speak up and where you have to stop. Your crushes may, however, change every week or even in a shorter span of time. Just like mercury changes its temperature. This is the result of your love for change, but you should watch out for troubles that may arise because of this characteristic of yours.

Your ideas are quick and unique. The creative make take as long as a month to pin down one of your spontaneous ideas, all by themselves. A constant change in life is the perfect motivation for you. You never fail because you learn and fight back again. When you set your eyes on something, you do not give up anytime soon. You stick around, work towards it and rest only after achieving it.

You are best suited for business. Being blessed with a good sense of money management, your love for money is sincere. Your work is on point and appreciable. This is the result of the hard work and the dedication with which you work.

Remedies for Number 5:
  • Feed the little poor girls.
  • Giveaway oil after looking at your mirror reflection in oil and asking for forgiveness from the lord.
  • Visit the temple on Wednesdays.
  • Perform  Budh (Mercury) Puja
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