Destiny Number 3


About Destiny Number 3

If your destiny number sums up to 3, you are ruled by the planet Jupiter. Many of the number 3s are found in the profiles of military personnel, air force, social activists etc. People with the destiny number 3 are blessed with beautiful appearances and are determined to achieve whatever they set their eyes on. They are driven by a selfish streak. In the workplace, a number 3 is observed to be an obedient and sincere employee. They expect and appreciate punctuality from everyone around, especially their subordinates. They appear to be soft and generous people. However, they have no interest in helping others by going out of their way. They build mean friendships and are more involved in achieving their own desires. Your ego stops you from taking help from anyone. Your appearance gives other an impression of a proud lad, which is the case. You are just woven in your thoughts and so full of yourself that the idea of others does not please you much.

You are determined and do not hold back when it comes to hard work. You proceed towards your goal step by step. You manipulate and get things in your favor and are finally able to achieve whatever you set your eyes on.

The first impression of number 3s is very generous and pleasing to the eye. They appear to be decent and friendly.

Remedies for Number 3:
  • Help the poor and needy with food and water.
  • Wear a silver nose pin or earring.
  • Donate clothes to the physically disabled or old people.
  • Perform  Jupiter Puja
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