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2 and 8: The relationship compatibility of 2 and 8 may remind you of the typical Indian couples where the 8 like the male, takes care of the family finances, and 2 staying at home takes care of the wellbeing of the housemates, showering them with love and affection. These are ideal roles for them according to their numerological nature. But what happens when the number 8 is a female and number 2 a male? Well. Here the roles are reversed.

There will be instances when 8 is way too engaged in work, making the 2 wait and feel left alone. Also, the 8 possesses the traits of being secretive and demanding too much of personal space. However, as they spend more time together, 2 can bring the 8 out his shell and open about his feelings and other desires.

This relationship will take the time to settle well with both in terms of understanding and cooperation. Patience and wise understanding are what will help them make it successful. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 2 and 8, you should perform the Chandra Puja and Shani Puja.

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