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1 and 2: The number 1 is ruled by the Sun whereas the number 2s are ruled by the Moon. As a result, both inhibit different nature. The 1s are extremely ambitious, demanding, domineering and attention seeking. On the other hand, the number 2s are sensitive, emotional, analytical and observant in nature.

This is a combination of two completely different people. If worked properly, they can do wonders together. The number 1 being fond of taking the lead is certain to take care of the finances while the number 2 is more drawn towards adding the romance in the partnership. The number one loves attention from all around but they must keep in mind that their number 2 needs attention too. They need to be pampered and reassured of love. The number 2s are emotional people who love to pamper their partner and expect the same in return. Together they make a good couple, completing each other's needs giving and taking attention as well as love. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 1 and 2, you should perform the Surya Puja and Chandra Puja.

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