1 and 9: Number 1is ruled by the sun and number 9 is ruled by Mars, though possessing different characteristics. They are both highly compatible. There is a strong attraction between the two. The number is mesmerized by 1s lifestyle and perspective of looking at things. There is an instant spark between the two.

The 9 and 1 compatibility is a rock solid combination. The number 9 makes the relationship warm with its selflessness. Number 1 adds ambition and riches to the combination. The 9 has a giving nature and is often helping people even out.

The problem arises when 1 is focused on individuality and doing everything with a thought of self-comfort. Although, this nature is not fruitful in any kind of relationship, with 9 being a provider; it gets really difficult with such a selfish attitude. The number 9 demands for equal love and attention. The warmth and security in a relationship are of utmost priority. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 1 and 9, you should perform the Surya Puja and Mangal Puja.

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Compatibility of Number one with all other Numbers

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