Chandra (Moon) Puja

About Chandra (Moon) Puja

Chandra Puja is dedicated to the Moon God. Chandra Puja helps in increasing good concentration, providing mental peace, pleasing personality, control of emotions and to get rid of mental depression. Also those who are running with Chandra dasha or Sub-period of planet Moon as per their horoscopes, they should certainly perform this puja.

Chandra is the vedic name for Planet Moon, In Sanskrit, Chandra means "bright and shining"

Moon is the ruler of mind and all the senses are controlled by the mind. Chandra gives a calm and soothing affect to our life. This puja brings in peace and serenity.

Pictures of Chandra (Moon) Puja performed for AskGanesha Client on order

Read Customer Reviews told me that my horoscope was under Chandra dasha and this may be the reason of my lost mental serenity. I got the Chandra dasha puja done by After that my life is good, and I am very happy.

By Pankaj Shrivastava, Photographer, MP

Those who are not aware, moon Puja is very very effective and can be performed every year to keep stress at bay. I perform it every year as my job is very stressful and depression is very reachable in my case.

By Richa Bagga, PR head, Mumbai

In my case, even meditation couldn't help me. I was always depressed and my brain always seemed to be heating up, advised me to perform Moon Puja. I ordered this puja to be done and after that my mind seemed to cool down and now I can concentrate better with a peaceful mind.

By Sukriti bajaj, choreographer, Delhi

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