Two Seven


2 and 6: Both numbers 2 and 7 are certain of what they want. In the early stage of the relationship itself, they make their mind to together. In most cases, this time is forever. They tend to instantly fall in love with each other and it doesn't take them long to express their feelings to each other as well.

They are graceful and accepting of each other as a package of both negative and positive traits. The difference of opinions and plans are generally acceptable to both except for sometimes. The duo shares the trait of stubbornness and once they take a stand on something, they are less likely to back off. They are stern with their words and opinion. Though, the number is usually flexible in their opinions. But sometimes, on being hurt they get stuck over that particular opinion.

The couple formed by number 2 and 7 is overall harmonious and well to do. They form a relationship with an equal involvement from both sides. To improve the relationship compatibility of number 2 and 7, you should perform the Chandra Puja and Shukra Puja.

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Compatibility of Number two with all other Numbers

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