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Have questions on purchase or sale

If you have questions related to buying of property or sale of property or even want to know about inheritance of property then this is the right astrology service for you. You can get the answers related to property, vehicle and also any other kind of purchase such as big machinery or a costly phone etc. 

property and vehicle

Property /Vehicle Report

Get to know the strength of your horoscope for questions related to Purchase of property and luxurious vehicle and the best and most suitable periods of life to go for it. Your questions on change of residence or even inheritance would also be answered through this Property vehicle astrology report. 


gems for property purchase

Gemstone advantage

Find out the most suited gemstone which would increase your chances of buying of property, getting gains through property and vehicle, improving financial position etc. Gemstones act as magnifiers of the planets property thereby increasing the positive and helping you achieve your goal more easily. 

best time to buy property

Best time for property

Make your property or vehicle more beneficial for you by buying them in the right and auspicious time. The Mahurat report gives you the best time for purchase of vehicle, taking the car out of the showroom, entering into a new home etc. 

remedial consultancy

Remedies to help you out

Vedic Remedies have been seen to help people to reduce the malefic effects of planets and increase your potential. The remedies for property and vehicle would help you to get the desired property and vehicle easier and quicker. 

life report

Property and vehicle horoscope analysis with Life Report

Along with the analysis of your horoscope in regards to property or vehicle sale and purchase you can go for the additional horoscope analysis on different aspects of life such as health, wealth, travel, love , marriage, career in a complete astrology package with the suggestions of best remedies and also the most suited gemstone. 

puja for buying property

Puja for Property , Vehicle

Best Pujas for reducing obstacles of purchase of property and related issues: 
1. Mangal (Mars) Puja
2. Shani ( Saturn) Puja for gain of property. The planets Mars and Saturn are significator for property hence getting these two pujas would help in its gain. Why wait go for it now......
Best Pujas for gain of Vehicle: The best puja for gain of vehicle is the Venus (Shukra) puja. The planet Venus is the significator of Vehicle hence this puja reduces the malefic and increases the benefic effects.

yantra for finance

Yantra for Property , Vehicle

The Mangal Yantra has been found to be highly effective in fulfilling the desire of gain of property. It also helps reduce the conflicts over proepty. The Shukra Yantra has been seen to bring the desires of gain of vehicle to reality. This yantra has to be kept in puja place and worshiped daily. It now only gives gains from vehicle but keeping it in the vehicle also helps in its proper working.

mantras for property and vehicle purchase

Best Mantra for Buying and Selling

Our property and wealth represents our prosperity, the mantra to enhance the property/ assets is Mangal or mars Mantra for you.

You can also opt for Shani mantra for the purpose of buying and selling related issues

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