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If you have question on property or vehicle sale or purchase then this is the best service for you. You can get to know what and when should you go for it. More over any question related to property or vehicle inheritance, gift theft etc can be put forward. Get the answers to your questions now.


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Top Customer Reviews

Last year I wanted to purchase a home by getting a loan. I was very confused whether to do that or not. I asked this question at Their suggestion was very genuine and I followed it. I am living in my own home today

By Shakuntala Mittal, CA, Haryana

I was thinking to buy a new car as my old car got crashed in an accident. I consulted Askganesha for it and they told me to wait for some time before buying it as my stars are not in favour of it. After that time period was over, I bought my car and things are great now

By Manoj Trivedi, businessman, Jaipur

Someone stole my new car that left me shattered and sad all the time. The police was doing nothing and I could find no traces of it. I asked this from and they told me in the month of January I will find my car back and it happened. I have utter belief in their predictions.

By Sandeep Aggarwal, stock exchange dealer, Mumbai

My Noida farmhouse was allegedly occupied by some local goons. I could not recover it back after so much efforts. Then someone told me consult this website, they told me few remedies and solutions that helped me get my property back.

By Narender Chopra, businessman, Greater Noida

I asked if I will win the property in the lottery and their answer was straight no but they say there are chances to win in a certain period of time. I abided them and took my chance in their told time period. I got lucky

By Neelam Trivedi, Senior executive, Shimla

I consulted the askganesha website when my time was not so good. I was making loses in everything. I asked if I could make a profit in selling one particular property, they suggested some remedies and after doing so, I actually made a grand profit that lifted all my debts.

By Mukesh Kashyap, property dealer, Bijnor

I just asked a question out of fun and information. My grandparent was giving his property to his sons when I asked if I will get some. They told me how much and when exactly and it actually happen to be true

By Benjamin, student, Mumabi

Hail to and its genuine predictions. I asked some really grave questions about my property that were creating problems in my life. They did not only answer them but also gave some very valuable remedies

By Shefali Malik, housewife, Delhi

Life could be so easy if we can look in to the future and plan accordingly. Well, astrologers can do it, at least astrologers at askganesha can do it. They have exact answers to almost every problem in life that makes life easy to some extent.

By Rakhi Jain, manager, California

I had a very good experience. Though they answered all my questions correctly, predicted true events and explained elaborately but they took a lot of time, which made things little impatient for me

By Tanvi goyal, audit consultant, Gurgaon

You would get the right answers to your question after the deep study of your horoscope and also of the prashan kundli. Remedies would also be suggested along with the answers so as to help you bring the things in your favour

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USD 19.00 / INR 1,200.00

USD 13.00 / INR 799.00

USD 19.00 / INR 1,200.00

USD 13.00 / INR 799.00