12-Month Property Astrology Report

12-Month Property Astrology Report

Purchase of property or even a vehicle is the common dream of a person. In modern times it has become difficult to purchase a property and needs good finance from anyone's pocket. For some people, their purchase may involve the entire savings of an individual. Sometimes, it is also co-related with the status of family. A native has few common questions regarding the purchase of his/her property and vehicles. Purchase of property requires lot of planning and more importantly good luck.

To know if you would be able to purchase property in the coming 12 months, or have concerns related to property such as :
  • Will the property be suitable or not ?
  • Will I get parental property in year 12-month?
  • Is this city good for me to live in 12-month?
  • change of residence?
  • moving into a bigger house etc.

then this 12 Month dasha Analysis- property Report would work as a true guide to you.

This report would be prepared by deeply analyzing position of planets, their effects, effects on houses, the divisional chart, the dasha pattern, transit of planets etc.

Apart from the astrology predictions effective remedies would also be advised:

This report will provide you
  • Effects of the planets during the year.
  • Main effects of the dasha and the respective planets.
  • Next 12-Month dasha predictions on Love/Romance.
  • Periods to watch and control
  • Full next 12 (twelve) months dasha planning for love/romance
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies

Simple and Easy to understand

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