What is Sun-Rahu Conjunction in Vedic astrology? Its affect on each Zodiac signs and Remedies

28 April, 2022
What is Sun-Rahu Conjunction in Vedic astrology? Its affect on each Zodiac signs and Remedies What is Sun-Rahu Conjunction in Vedic astrology? Its affect on each Zodiac signs and Remedies

Let us first understand the Planet Sun and the North Node of Moon - Rahu.

The Sun Sun is the chief of the Solar system, the most powerful and mighty planet that represents the Soul, the Father, Self Esteem, Honour, Power, and authority as per astrology. Sun vibrates the energy, and willpower to fight all evils and diseases in life. Thus it is the most significant aspect of survival on Earth. A strong Sun in Kundli reflects leadership and pride. On the other hand, if it is weak then it signals low confidence and challenging situations in life. During the Sun-Rahu conjunction, the Rahu is believed to either amplify Sun's qualities or block its energy.
The Rahu Whereas Rahu is a Shadowy planet, it has no physical form. Also known as the North Node of Moon. It always forms an eclipse when in conjunction with the Sun. Most importantly it stays in any Zodiac sign for at least 18 months. It creates malefic illusions, builds obsessions to achieve aspiration by all means, manipulative and rebellious in nature. It is the fieriest planet in Vedic astrology. Generates laziness, procrastination, and obstacles in work. Rahu creates confusion, Legal issues and emotional imbalance. But if it is rightly placed in your Kundli it may result in fame and power.

What is Sun -Rahu conjunction? This Conjunction brings a lot of challenges in life which can be bad as well as good. If Sun comes under the Shadowy planet Rahu it loses its power and authority. Rahu creates an aura with Suns qualities around the person but this may be an illusionary or shadowy effect created by Rahu. Where the person starts believing that everything is going as per their wish but it's actually an illusion. Basically, people lose touch with reality under Rahu's impact. The Rahu effect confuses people and the person may become manipulative to sustain the fake aura created around him. However, if the energy is steered in the right direction it can bring immense benefits. On the 14th of April Sun entered Aries and joined Rahu the shadowy planet. The Sun is going to stay there for a month till May 15, 2022. This Sun-Rahu conjunction during the transit phase is considered inauspicious. Rahu overtakes all Suns power and eclipses it.  










Sun-Rahu combination in Aries is causing Solar Eclipse or Grahan Yog on April 30, 2022. During this time Rahu empowers all the negative qualities of the Sun, like being autocratic, egoistic, and dominating. Therefore, the conjunction is going to stay in Aries for 30 days and it is going to have some effect on other zodiac signs as well. This conjunction of Sun-Rahu-Aries on other signs will have both beneficial and negative implications. Although the impact won't be as much as it will be for Aries. It is important you should know that it is subjective to various combinations of houses, planets, and signs in your Kundli.

Before understanding its consequences, I want to share a legendary story about Rahu and Sun.










During Samudra Manthan's time, the Asuras stole the Amrut - nectar of immortality, which came out of the Ocean. Lord Vishnu took the form of a beautiful woman Mohini and retrieved Amrut from them. While Lord Vishnu was distributing Amrut among Devas. At that point, Lord Vishnu by mistake gave Amrut to one Asura named Rahuketu who was sitting amongst Devas disguised to be a Deva. As soon as Rahuketu consumed Amrut, Sun and Moon God noticed and informed Lord Vishnu. Instantly with his Sudharshan Chakra severed the demon's head. And since they had become immortal after drinking Amrut, they still exist as two separate bodies in our celestial Solar system. The Head is called Rahu while the body is known as the Ketu. From that day onwards they became enemies of the Sun and the Moon. Therefore, whenever Sun or Moon comes close to Rahu or Ketu the Asuras swallow them and create Solar or Lunar Eclipse respectively. But they cannot hold Sun and Moon for a long time as Sun and Moon also drank Amrut.  

Few commonly observed impact of Sun-Rahu conjunction in Aries on 12 Zodiac signs

Health is wealth, so you must take utmost care of your health during these 31 days of conjunction. As Sun represents the father and currently it is in Rahu nakshatra. Your fathers health can also be a concern for Aries. Especially after the Solar Eclipse which is taking place in your zodiac signs. However, on the professional and financial front, this may not be as bad as you would fear.  

There may be stress at the office or professionally and thus forcing you to look for another job or work opportunity. Avoid any kind of financial decision at this time.  

Although the Rahu transit may bring revenue earning opportunities however conjunction will lead to low self-confidence, fear and insecurity. Due to this, you won't be able to take important decisions.  

It is advisable to take care of your mothers health. You may get a new job opportunity or promotion at your workplace. Drive carefully as some of you may get into an accident.  

It is best to avoid any travel during this time as it may cause some kind of injury. Also, don't get into an argument with your elders as it will result in a complicated relationship with them.  

Financial limitations are going to be a concern for you. You need to be watchful as your non-well wishers or enemies may try to create problems for you. There are very strong chances of disagreements with your superiors and father, as explained above could be because of Rahu's shadowy effect on the Sun.  

This Sun-Rahu conjunction will create a lot of difficulties in your partnerships because of your inflated ego. The partnership could be your life partner or a business partner. Also advisable not to get into any illegal activities as the consequences may turn out to be bad.  

There are chances of injury due to accidents so avoid driving or travelling at this time. This can be an appropriate time for you to make investments.  

Father's health and the expenses can be bothersome for you. You may feel inclined towards religious work. Students might need to put more effort than usual to get the desired results.  

The Sun-Rahu conjunction is mainly going to affect your profession or office work. Need to be extremely careful in performing any task at the workplace and avoid getting into an argument.  

As Sun-Rahu union is known to amplify the desires of the individual, hence during this time your long desire will magnify. However, it won't get fulfilled, which may create emotional stress. Students' academics may suffer due to a lack of retentiveness.  

It will impact your financial stability. To the extent that some of you may have to bear the loss of money. This phase is going to be difficult for students.   However Sun-Rahu conjunction implications can not be looked at only on the basis of Zodiac signs alone, as a matter of fact, its connection with different houses in the Kundli should also be analysed.  

In Vedic astrology, it is commonly believed that

When Rahu and Sun are in the 10th, 2nd, 7th, 9th and 12th house these people get into trouble with the law. Especially in the 12th house, it invites legal issues. Those affected by this conjunction in these houses don't accept others' authority, become a rebel, disrespect elders, may ruin their reputation, unnecessary anger, domestic violence. It also causes an estranged Father and Child relationship. Whereas in the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses here the Rahu and Sun relationship gets better with time which enables the affected person to break the Rahu eclipse with his willpower and change in attitude. To weaken Rahu's power, start respecting higher authority and elders, reduce egoistic drive, and build your willpower to break through the power-hunger emotion created by Rahu's effect. Here are a few remedies by Askganesha to Reduce Rahus malefic effects Therefore to know the accurate Sun-Rahu conjunction influence on your horoscope you must speak to an expert astrologer. Askganesha can guide you in understanding the positive or negative effects of Sun-Rahu conjunction in your Kundli

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