Rahu and Moon alliance in the horoscope

21 January, 2023
Rahu and Moon alliance in the horoscope Rahu and Moon alliance in the horoscope

Does this tango ring a fear alarm in your mind? 

You must have heard of the term Rahu Kalam, that time of the day when any auspicious activity should not be attempted. Because of this concept, many people project or comprehend Rahu as an evil planet ‘but that is not how it is every time. The consequences of such associations largely depend on their placement in various houses, planets or Rashi or Navamsha in the horoscope. 

Rahu - North node of the Moon or shadowy planet 

It doesn't have any shape or form,  it has the characteristic of stimulating extreme desire in the native’s life. It is believed to be the owner or ‘Karaka’ of desire, obsession, and extreme passion. Rahu works as a bodiless amplifier in your chart. It is considered to be the “Compulsive force that amplifies your desire or specific behaviour”. Charcoal Grey/metallic/ smoky colours are generally associated with Rahu. 

The extremism attached to Rahu has both negative and positive facets. It can turn you into a manipulator to fulfil a particular desire in your life. To the extent that it may push you to achieve it by hook or by crook. 

Rahu being the head of the demon Swarbhanu, instils unsatisfied sentiments inside you. So the person under Rahu's effect remains unsatisfied, he always wants more and more. In the process, the person may transcend to the dark side of life. 

Whereas on the optimistic side, it amplifies your positive desire for example if you aspire to become a doctor or a social worker then the Rahu effect can turn your dream into reality by energising your desire or aspiration. So unlike the common perception, Rahu doesn't necessarily give evil effects. 

While for those of you who have suffered malefic effects should look at it as the karmic retriever or an “Opportunity for spiritual discovery”. It sets you right and eventually makes you realise all your wrongdoing. And at the end of the journey of pain and anxiety, you end up valuing your life more. Many people believe that Rahu takes you to the spiritual path.

Moon in astrology

The Moon controls the mind of person. It reflects the emotions, imagination and thinking process. Also signifies the inner nurturing of Mother’s nature, nourishment, emotional health and Psychic conditions. The moon stirs up all the water bodies on earth and generates various intensities of tides in the ocean. Parallelly it impacts human bodies as well because it is made up of 70% water. It is the Karaka of your mind or mental health. The Moon in the chart also tells about the person's personal needs, basic behaviour, insecurities, and reaction or response to a situation. 

I read somewhere this quote

“I'm just here to remind you that the Moon is slowly moving away from Mother Earth. Eventually, everyone will act like psychopaths. Where there's a lack of Moon influence, there's a lack of emotions. No moon, no heart. It's Science.”

It has been observed, over years of research that the Moon's phases influence our emotions.

It is also believed that moonlight has healing power, especially on Sharad Purnima day. The curative power is highest on this day as it comes closest to earth. It is known to give nectar or Amrit Varsha on Sharad Purnima day. 

What happens when Rahu and Moon come together?

To begin, here it is important to know that Rahu is the enemy of the Moon. Rahu always wants to take revenge on Moon as he holds Moon responsible for his bodiless form. The story behind is from Samudra Manthan's time, when the demon Swarbhanu disguised as God, sat amongst Devtas to drink the elixir of immortality. Moon recognised him and informed Lord Vishnu about it. Immediately lord split him into two parts with his Sudarshana Chakra. But since he had already consumed the nectar he became immortal. The Upper part became Rahu and the lower part came to be known as Ketu. Since then the animosity between the two started however Rahu and Moon's alliance is not critically bad in every horoscope. 

A few significant impacts of the Rahu and Moon alignment in the native’s birth chart.

When they come close in a horoscope Rahu wants to swallow Moon. As the shapeless Rahu sees it as an opportunity to curtail Moon’s energy and manifest its desire. And if the moon's position is weak in the chart, it weakens the mental stability making the person easily fall into Rahu’s manipulation. 

But keep in mind the influence of the Rahu and Moon association is also dependent on its placement in the divisional chart or Navamsha, Lagna chart, or nakshatras. The moon's power in the horoscope also plays a crucial role.

  • When Rahu and Moon sit together in a house it forms Chandra Grahan (Lunar Eclipse) yoga, which has a noticeable impact in all the 12 houses. The influence is all the more when the Rahu and Moon are at less than 9 degrees from each other.
  • The conjunction effect is inauspicious or unfavourable in the 1st, 2nd, 12th and 8th houses. As already discussed above, Rahu being an amplifier aggravates some of the emotional and mental characteristics of Moon seen in these houses.
    • In the 1st house, it creates confusion and negative thoughts in the mind. A person may indulge in fraudulent activities. And it may aggravate the mother's influence in their life.
    • While in the 2nd house, the person quickly comes under the influence of evil eyes because of an unstable mind and the tendency to take wrong decisions. He may suffer eyesight and mouth problems or issues related to the blood and the digestive tract. Such a conjunction is not good for the native's mother as her health issues may occur or she may be an unethical or deceitful person.
    • Usually, the moon in the 8th house brings emotional turbulence and with the Rahu joining the moon in the 8th house there will be more restlessness resulting in clinical depression. It may cause sudden unnatural death because of a snake or poison.
    • Moon Rahu in the 12th house affects your married life and image in the home. There is a high possibility that you may take interest in external marital affairs. More Chances of settling away from your native land or in a foreign land.
  • The Moon and Rahu alliance becomes more dreaded when Saturn joins them in a Rashi or house. It negatively affects the mind, mother or nourishment and emotions. Causes chronic illness, delays success and builds fear & anxiety. Here the moon gets beaten or shattered by Saturn and Rahu. Saturn is the friend of Rahu so together they make moon power futile. And such a culmination of planets in the horoscope creates a stressful relationship with the mother. Rahu makes the mind obsessive and generates compulsive behaviour. While Saturn limits the opportunities and blocks the output. Thus overall it pushes the native to a frustrating mental condition. It can even lead to chronic psychological diseases.
  • Not necessarily every time it will give a malefic outcome, a certain permutation & combination of this conjunction in the chart results in positive developments. For instance, it can make excellent writers, scientists, researchers and powerful creative personalities.
    • An example of such a combination would be Mercury's presence along with Rahu and Moon. It proves to be beneficial as Mercury represents intelligence, communication, skills and education. And above all Mercury is regarded as Moon's friend. Here, on one hand, Rahu suppresses the emotional aspect of the person and on the other hand, it amplifies the intelligence and communicative skills.
    • A similar positive pattern is seen in the case of Rahu and the Moon with Jupiter. It is regarded as the planet of Knowledge, righteousness, concentration, teacher, and law abider. And Jupiter is the only planet that can control Rahu. Here again, Rahu eclipses moon power and creates an explosive rule breaker who is far ahead of the society's nomenclature and desperately wants to conquest something big in life. However, Jupiter controls Rahu’s malefic intentions and transmits or focuses the high energy infused by Rahu on invention, research and studies.
  • The natives use their enhanced imagination, skills and intelligence in the right direction. They also develop a high inclination towards occult sciences.

Remedies for Rahu and Moon combination or conjunction

The deep meditation technique helps, as the meditative power brightness conflicts with Rahu's darkness. 

If your moon is already strong, Rahu cannot harm you. So strengthen it more by donating white things like milk, rice, silver and white clothes to the poor. Perform Rudra Abhishek Puja to strengthen your Moon.

Pour milk on Shivlinga on Saturday and Monday. Keep fast on Monday.

Avoid arguments with the mother and respect or care for them. And maintain good relations with in-laws.

For Rahu, you can wear a Gomed stone on a silver ring after opting the auspicious gemstone consultancy .

Ma Durga is the Lord of Rahu, so worshipping Goddess mitigates the ill effects of Rahu.

Chanting Rahu Strotra or Rahu Mantra is favourable during difficult times of this phase. But there is a systematic format laid out by our Vedic astrologers to chant this mantra. To avail the best result from this mantra, take guidance from a knowledgeable person.

And another important point to remember, it doesn't stay in your birth chart forever, as it diminishes gradually after 35 years.   

There are many factors to assess the impact of these combinations, and it won't be possible to cover all of them here. If you want to examine Rahu & Moon's alliance position in your horoscope, consult Askganesha’s expert astrologers. They will also provide relevant solutions for the undesirable effects of such a combination in your birth chart.

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