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22 July, 2019

It is important to have sound health in life as the saying goes Health is wealth. It is also important to lead a happy and fulfilled life which could be achieved with the help of astrology. In astrology, longevity stands as a primitive question apart from other important aspects. The moon, the Sun and other planets are the ascendants. These are vital centers and if these ascendants are strong as it denotes a long and healthy life. If the planets are in a benefic house and receive positive energy, it creates goodness in life. Planets and Diseases Given below are the planets and the disease they denote and what effect they have on natives life.  
sun planet
Sun is not only the source of light but also the king or considered the father of all the planets. The native chart which shows the sun in a strong position and the individual can lead to a healthy life and nourishment to the whole body. The planet sun governs various parts of the body such as body, head, blood, brain, bone structure, digestive fire, voice organ, and bile. A weak placement of the sun causes problems in the birth chart like headaches, eyesight, blood circulation, dental problems, heart problems, bone structure, blood pressure, and a weak immune system.
Moon signifies the role of the queen or mother of all the planets. Moons govern various organs such as the stomach, face, glands, lungs, chest, male and females reproductive organs and generative organs. It is also responsible for emotional health, fertility, fluids in the body, good quality of lymph and blood. A weak position of planet moon in the horoscope chart can lead to many problematic health diseases such as lethargy, sleep disorders, drowsiness, lung problems, digestive troubles, diseases of uterus and ovaries, menstrual problems, water retention, lack of appetite, cough and cold, blood pressure, blood disorders, weakness and fever.  
Mars plays a very significant role in the health of all the planets and considered as chief among all the planets. The association with the diseases such as bone marrow, digestive fire, forehead, muscular system, neck, vision issues, external generative organs, and nose are in the influence of this planet. A weak position of the planet in the birth chart can result in certain sicknesses such as skin rashes, inflammations, fractures, ulcers, wounds, burns, liver complaints, and piles.  
Mercury is the representation of the planet in the native chart which is responsible for various diseases such as asthma, respiratory problems, insomnia, deafness, digestion problem, and vertigo problems. Other problems that one can suffer from are intestine, the lower part of the abdomen, hands, arms, skin, and lower abdomen, nervous and skin.  
Jupiter is the planet which is supposed to be the ruler with various parts of your body like an arterial system, liver/gall bladder, glands, pancreas gland, absorptive power, digestion, ears/hearing power, feet, physical development, palate, throat, the hips, and navel. This can cause various diseases like phthisis, asthma, diabetes and other diseases of pancreas glands, anemia, jaundice, tumors, and other liver problems, ear problems, cough, cold, dyspepsia, circulatory congestion and lymphatic.  
Venus is considered to be the preceptor of demons. This planet denotes different parts such as sexual organs, desires, reproduction, private parts, face, eyes, neck, throat, cheeks, and skin. Weak venus causes sickness such as anemia, paralysis, stones in kidneys or bladder, cataract, weakness of sexual organs, asthma, cough and cold, impotence, venereal diseases, loss of bodily luster, diabetes and diseases of the reproductive system or urinary.
Saturn is considered to be the servant of all planets and is due to prolonged diseases. the conjunction of the Saturn in any house is due to asthma, ear problem and fear complex as it is afflicted by Mercury. The major problem that a person can face due to a weak Saturn is impotency. Saturn-Sun can create an evil aspect cause skin diseases, venereal disease, weakness and skin diseases due to malpractices.
Rahu is a shadowy planet is phlegmatic in nature and results in malignant growth and also over-eating. A weak Rahu causes problems such as problems in the skin, ulcers, intestines, and high blood pressure.
Ketu is a very dry planet and a weak Ketu can cause deafness, low blood pressure, inflammations, defective speech, fevers, wounds, and emaciated body. Both Rahu and Ketu can have an adverse effect on your life when in the wrong position of the chart.  
planets and disease
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