Vastu Shastra for Rahu Ketu Area in House

13 April, 2024
Vastu Shastra for Rahu Ketu Area in House Vastu Shastra for Rahu Ketu Area in House

Astrologically, Rahu and Ketu are the two celestial bodies that are usually the source of terror and fear. Not considered to be auspicious for birth charts, these are the North and South Node of the moon often regarded as ethereal. Rahu being the head of the serpent and Ketu being the lower part of the serpent (tail) are anticipated to have more ill impacts on the destiny, future, and health of people.

The astrological identities whose presences in one’s birth chart have terrorizing impacts, Rahu and Ketu are also said to be residing in your home as per Vastu Shastra. In this blog, we aim to acquaint you with the position of Rahu & Ketu in your house and Vastu Shastra for Rahu Ketu Areas in house with remedies to eliminate or escape from their ill effects.

The direction where Rahu Ketu Resides in Your House

The ominous planets, Rahu and Ketu as per Vastu Shastra reside in North-West and South-West zone of the house. These zones in which these two negative planets reside must be given special attention and maintained carefully to protect you and your family from unpleasant Rahu & Ketu. Underneath are some maintenance guidelines for the two zones of your home to have a progressive life that is miles away from negativity and gloominess.

Do not have Temple in the directions of Rahu & Ketu–

While designing your house’s architecture, make sure the most auspicious section of the house, i.e. temple isn’t located in the North- West or South-West directions of the house. Veneration done in such temples won’t fetch the appropriate and deserved blessings which one would get otherwise. To fruitful reverence of your almighty, avoid having a temple in the Rahu & Ketu direction.

Avoid placing lockers in Rahu & Ketu directions of the house–

If you want to have financial stability in your home, avoid having lockers in North-West & South-West directions of your home. Stay ready to face financial crunches if you store valuables assets like Gold, jewellery, and money in aforesaid two directions which are assumed to possess negative energy. This may result in the loss of your valuables or your overall finically stability or growth may get hindered.

Keep the auspicious plant, Tulsi away from Rahu-Ketu directions–

Amongst the list of numerous things not to be kept in the southwest or northwest directions of the home, Tulsi, the auspicious plant with multiple uses must also not be placed in the above two directions. The Lakshmi of the house or the financial condition of the dwellers of the house is likely to get adversely affected as Goddess Lakshmi is assumed to reside in Tulsi Plant.

Make sure Toilets aren’t in the direction of Rahu & Ketu–

The toilets of the house must also not be designed in the North-West & South-West area of the house. Diseases, surgeries, and prolonged medications are likely to swamp the inhabitants of the home.

Guest Room and Study room shouldn’t positioned in the South-west-

If you want your child to be focused utterly on his/her studies, you must not make the South-West or the North-west region of the house his/her study room. The negative energy flow from this region would keep the child distracted and would adversely affect their academic performance.

Vastu Tips to Balance Rahu and Ketu in Your House

We know how to make Rahu positive when it is creating obstacles in our lives due to its presence in the birth chart. One has to face the music when we have it in an imbalanced state in our home also. Imbalanced Rahu and Ketu area of the house results in delays in marriage, difficulties with kids, and financial instabilities. If you find unnecessary delays, last-minute rejection at the job front or you need to put extra effort even for small breakthroughs in life, it is due to the negative impact of the Rahu and Ketu area of your house.

Where there is a will, there is a way, and for all those interested people seeking to balance the South-west and North-west areas of the house as per Vastu Tips, this section of the article is a must to read.

Vastu Dosh Nivaran Puja is the ultimate rescue to get rid of the harmful results of Rahu and Ketu in your house.

• Keep the doors of the washroom of the house closed always if you have a toilet in the region.

• Remove red and green colors from the kitchen completely as their presence is likely to have intense ill effects on Rahu and Ketu.

• Keep a yellow stone below the burner of the house to restrain the wrong energies coming from Rahu.

• To diminish the impact of Ketu, avoid colouring your house in brown and grey.

• Install Rahu Yantra on the South-West wall of your house and chant its mantra 108 times daily. The ill impacts can be minimized easily by it.

• Keep a silver elephant statue or silver wall hanging on the wall in South-West area of the house to diminish the impact of Rahu. If not real silver, placing silver-plated elephants may help in declining the negative impact of Rahu in the house.

Rahu puja and homam can also provide huge relief from the petrifying impact of Rahu.

• Chanting the Rahu Mantra  loudly in the house can also rescue inhabitants from the frightening impact of Rahu.

Consult the best Astrologers and Vastu Shastra experts at Ask Ganesha for remedial assistances to have a home with flaws of Vastu shastra.

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