Deadly constructions in Home as per Vastu Shastra

22 March, 2024
constructions in Home as per Vastu Shastra constructions in Home as per Vastu Shastra

Planning to construct a home? Interiors can be changed as it doesn’t involve a huge investment, but construction needs to be done carefully. Vastu Shastra, the time-honored Hindu system of architecture stores guidelines for the construction of houses. Few Vastu Dosha or flaws in construction have easy remedies. There are a few major Vastu Doshas that must be avoided strictly. Know what are the deadly constructions in the home as per Vastu Shastra, their probable outcome, and way out to overcome them as per Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Defects in home constructions–

Directions of various sub-sections or parts of the house must not be decided randomly. Every direction has significance and suitability for a specific part of the house. One must be versed with the role and importance of Vastu directions before going ahead with the construction of the house. Underneath are a few unsuitable and strictly denied constructions as per directions.

Few don’ts while designing stairs–

Avoid Staircase in the northeast direction of your home- In addition to the above flaw under the stairs, make sure your home doesn’t have stairs in the Northeast direction of the house. Such residential units are a source of stress for owners of the house. It is most likely to hamper the spiritual energy of the house along with inviting financial crunches and health threats.

Staircase in the heart of the house– This is another flaw with nothing positive. The impact of having stairs in the centre of the house will attract bad luck to the entire family. The staircase will also not let the dwellers propel their financial condition and health. The position of the staircase will hammer the all-round happiness of dwellers.

Kitchen and bathroom under the stairs- This is commonly built in small houses as a part of space management. Having them under the bathroom will lead to a toxic impact on health and monetary condition.

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Don’ts about Toilet

Don’t have Toilets in the North east direction of your home- Also called Ishankone in Hindi, it is said to be the hub of lord Kubera and lord Shiva. Having a washroom in this area will negate the positivity of the Northeast which signifies abundance, health, and peace. With a toilet in the Northeast, the dweller of the house is most likely to undergo surgeries, financial loss, and have career-related issues.

Change the layout with the toilet in the South West- The Washroom of the house in the Southeast affects the longevity of folks residing in it. Home will be clasped with the negativity resulting in strained relationship.

The toilet in the midpoint of the house- If the toilet is situated in the midpoint of the house, nothing is going to be right in this house for dwellers. It will attract bad luck utterly with wealth, health, and relationships getting affected adversely.

Kitchen in the Northeast-

The Northeast region of the house shouldn’t have the cook house. It is a source of serious bad luck with litigations, disputes, and other hardships taking over life.

A pole or any obstruction in the main gate-
A tree, telephone or electric pole isn’t recommended in front of the main gate of the house. Delays in work or obstructions will engulf life.

The door & underground water tank in the south-west-
Make sure the blueprint of the house doesn’t have a door in a southwest direction. Accidents, injuries, and misfortune are anticipated when doors are in the above direction of the house.

Also, avoid underground water tanks in the west and southeast corners of the house as such constructions are expected to have ill effects on the owner and the dweller of the house. The basement must also not be in the South-west region of the house as the negativity due to such construction will target either the head or the elder son of the family.

Married couple’s Bedroom in the south-east

Bedrooms of married couples must also not be in the southeast direction of the house. It is assumed to change the dynamics of relations of couples with more strains, quarrels, and health issues. It is being found that couples with a bedroom in the southeast corner are bound to have a divorce. Look for Vastu solutions for home peace to eradicate discord in the family.

Corners of the house–

Missing Southwest corner of the house– If your house doesn’t have a southwest corner, the stability and prosperity in the house will be missed. Financial litigations, health issues, mental stress, and lethargies will dominate the lives of people residing in it. Excessive and unnecessary expenses would also remain in continuance for people living in houses with Southwest corners.

Extended South-West corner of the house- If the Southwest corner of the house is extended, it will also not turn into anything beneficial for the dwellers. The lifespan of senior female members of the family will be filled with troubles along with hard financial conditions.

Missing North-East corner of the house- The Northeast corner of the house is assumed to be the pivot of enlightening energy which is an ideal location for the temple of the house. As stated earlier, the northeast direction is the abode of Lord Shiva and lord of wealth, Kuber. The absence of a source of a centre of positivity and celestial energies is said to result in chronic health disorders, physical disability, etc. This vastu Dosha must be figured out and resolved with the Vastu dosh nivaran puja.

In nutshell-

Few Vastu Dosha or defects need immediate remedial action to restrain the deadly impact of such doshas. A Vastu consultant can come up with the Vastu dosh nivaran yantra to nullify the impacts of doshas. Consult and Ask Ganesha’s vastu experts to avoid even being vulnerable to such threats due to doshas.

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