Saturn transit in Sagittarius - Is your Zodiac Sign in trouble?

26 October, 2017
Saturn transit in Sagittarius - Is your Zodiac Sign in trouble? Saturn transit in Sagittarius - Is your Zodiac Sign in trouble?

Lord Shani is the most feared among all planetary gods. He is the God who punishes or rewards us for any of our deeds, be it good or bad. The coming two and a half years will foresee Saturn into Saggitarius. Here with AskGanesha you can know easily - Are you running with Sade Saati or not Free Astrology service. Saturn is changing its sign on 26th of October 2017. With this change, the people who are having Virgo sign get relaxation from Sade Saati and the people with signs Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn will run with Sade Saati till 24th of January 2020.

To know the impact of Saturn (shani) transit on your zodiac sign:

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Effects on Aries

It's a breather for Arians with Lord Shani transit. Those who have been living through Dhaiya of Shani would experience better results now. Starting off from October 2017 till January 2020, Shani will transit over ninth house from their Moon sign. Thus the Shani transit in the house of Religion and Luck will give mixed outcomes. Efforts to acquire money will be forfeited.

Effect of Saturn transit in Sagittarius on Taurus

With the advent of the new year, Lord Shani is proposedly be settling in the eight house from your Moon sign. This will correspond the period of Dahiya. Unpredictable and unsteady year is expected for Taurus men as well as women. It would be otherwise great in a health context. Performing Shani Puja will be helpful for you.

Effect of Saturn transit on Gemini

For Gemini natives, problems viz, migraine, stomach, and sugar-related illnesses are foreseen. Hurdles and troubles on the way would be unavoidable in the coming year. This year won't be ideal to stretch your business and a lot of compromises will be made to work out things this year.

Saturn transit's effect on sign Cancer

With the advent of New Year, Lord Shani will transcend into the 6th house from Cancer sign. This will be foreseen as the biggest asset. A lot of cash would be sought and extravagance will be on the go. Nevertheless, companions and family member will deliver constant support.

Effect of Saturn transit on zodiac sign Leo

The beginning of the New Year 2018 will be quite wonderful owing to the transit of Saturn in the fifth house from your Moon sign. Its transition will be prospectively profitable with ambient effects in the overall life of Cancerian natives. Lord Shani will support the financial side and finances will be improved.

Saturn transit Effects on Virgo

The impact of Saturn transit on Virgo would be slightly negative. Health problems are foreseen with deteriorated advances. Although, Family peace would be huddled up and giant investments are recommended to be avoided for extra precaution and safety.

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Effect of Saturn change on Libra

This year will be loaded with lots of fortune for Libra natives as Saturn is a friendly planet for this zodiac sign and its transit in third house from your Moon sign will help you in performing good and fast actions that will promote your progress. The complicated jobs would be resolved soon and with minimum efforts. Intellect would improvise and supervisors would be happy to help.  

Reading for Scorpio Sign

The entire period could bring some family issues, just you need to be calm while handling your relationships. However, there is a slight twist to that as Shani will leave the first house and transcend in second house on the moon chart of the natives falling under the sun sign of Scorpio. Although, things would definitely be a bit difficult and tedious for family. Still you are running with Sade Saati of Saturn.

Shani transit results for Sagittarius

You are still running with Sade Saati of Saturn. You might feel lack of energy throughout the period. Though it will be an average period to materialize on your dreams but you need to be patient and consistent with your work. Get Shani Yantra energised by learned Purohits to ward off the malefic effects of Shani transit in your horoscope.

Shani Gochar effects on Capricorn

Though with this change in transit of Lord Saturn, your sign started Sade Saati but the change will have a positive effect on the Capricorn natives. Starting from January 26 and till June 21, Saturn will push itself in the twelfth house from your natal moon. Travelling is on the cards and a considerable measure of stability is foreseen. Marketable strategies for expansion of business will be fruitful.

Is Shani bad or good for Aquarius?

Saturn is the owner sign of the Aquarius natives. Although, the medical issues will be absolutely gone and monetary circumstances will be better off. Old issues would be resolved and Saturn would shower its blessings on the Aquarius natives. Keep fast on Saturday to please Lord Shani to avoid or reduce adversities and misfortunes.

Saturn blessings for Pisces

Saturn transit will be average for natives falling under the sun sign of Pisces. The economic situation will be improvised. Boss will be happy with your work with an expected promotion on the way. Students would also witness good results in academics and otherwise. A big note of thanks to our ancient scholars as they found out methods based on which future can be conceived and requisite precautions can be undertaken to improvise upon it. Do you wish to know if Saturn is a good, bad, strong and weak planet in your horoscope? Do you wish to know about promises Lord Saturn has in itself for you as per your horoscope, then you can consult our astrologer on

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