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06 March, 2018

Mega union of Mars and Saturn 7th of March marks new Confluence: Mega union of Mars and Saturn is on 7th of March which marks the new confluence, when both Saturn and Mars are going to enter in one particular sunsign. ThisMega union confluence will remain till 2nd May 2018. Saturn by nature is a malefic planet, where as the Mars is a planet of fire. Saturns transition in the Sagittarius sun sign has already began, but on 7th at around 6:30 pm it is predicted that even Mars will enter Sagittarius. This phenomenon has taken place after 21 years. The confluence becomes more adventurous when they comined with the energies of Sagitarius. Since both these planets are classic malafice planets, our reaction to the energy is something that we have to see. The effect of thisMega union is negative and harsh, a period of deciete and conspiracies will be witnessed.

On a positive note:

Not all is bad, it brings opportunities, capacities for hardwork, the opportunity for being resourceful. If anger is properly managed, it leaves time for lot of positive activities. Since Mars provides with lot of energies to carry forward our tasks, Saturn on the other hand is rather a sensible control here instead of being the biggest hurdel.

Mega union 

What does both Planets denotes?

Mars Represents: Mars or Mangal in hindu mythology represents the god of Celibacy, Youth fulness, agression, Impluse, hotness, passion, red, blood. Saturn Represents: Saturn or shani in hindu mythology represents the justice, law and order, dryness, sadness, poverty and pessimissm.

Mega union

Effects of this Mega union on Zodiac Signs:

The Mahayog has varied effects and the confluence of the same will have different effects on the zodiac sign. It is interesting here to note that how various Zodiac Signs react to this confluence.


For Aries, the confluence is said to have an adverse effect. The leader of the Aries is Mars, The mars is seen in the ninth house, so it can create huge barriers among father and son. Since Mars is associated with red and blood, there are chances of a bloody accident. In terms of religion there will be a constant tussle as Mars creates ego and Saturn takes you on the path of spirituality.


A dispute can arise between the family members and the property. There are chances that the longevity of life will increase and at the same there trouble with in- laws is predicted, be careful as The sum of Saturn and Mars for this amount is happening in the eighth house, because of confluence of Saturn and Mars, trouble is foretold.


For Gemini the confluence is seen at the 7th house. Positive result is that under this confluence you will stop getting the persistent failure in any and every work you did in past or doing in present. The relation, with your spouse will improve, but be careful that the relation with your business partner or college will decline.


Coming together of these two planets is said to have, bad effect on the people of cancer zodiac sign. Since its transition to the sixth house, one can say that this is a factor for destruction and raising hostilities. In order to complete your work, you will have to run from pillar to post, this in turn will have adverse effects on your health. But a good thing is that you will get success in any type of compition.


The combination of Saturn and Mars, transiting to fifth place, is seen for Leo sun sign. This place is primarily associated with children and education. Now because of the confluence, there is a difference created between parents and children. The aspect of education looks good, for those who want to venture into the field of academia. A rift can be seen in your love life. The students, who are giving exams, there will be a little problem as in crease in stress level is also seen.


For Virgo the place of Saturn and mars confluence will remain in the 4th house. There is good news when it comes to wealth as there is going to be an increase in wealth and its various aspects. But a bit of bad news is that your mothers health will detoriate, so the expenses will increase to many folds. This in turn will lead you to leave many important works, leading to financial crisis. The field of education seems to garner a lukewarm response.

Mega union 


For Libra, this confluence shows a conglomerate effect on people. You will have a fight with your friends, so much so that they might serve ties with you. Although there is increase in courage, the courage to face any turmoil coming or is already in your way. The heighten courage will also bring in luck. There is a plan for short travel as well as a trip near by seen in the forecast. You will not have to face any sort of financial trouble.


Since Scorpio is the zodiac sign for mars, and the confluence of thisMega union is seen to be placed in the 2nd house. It means good news in terms of finance; your financial status will be both good and bad, will be up and down. Although keep your tongue or your speech in control, because you have chance to hurt people with your speech. Due to an effect of Saturn, the enemies will be active and linger over. In terms of family, there is a rift detected mainly because of your speech.


Since the planetary confluence of this Mega union is taking place at this Zodiac sign. The effects of which will be seen mostly on this sign. Since Jupiter is the leader of this zodiac sign, it leads to a lot of troubles. Because of the combination of Saturn and Mars, there is an increase in ego, which in turn will lead to troubles and fights at the same time it will also lead to decrease in finance and lessen your respect amongst others. This will also lead to have ill- effects on your health. Your health will be a major concern of your worries.


The Confluence of this Mega union in this zodiac sign is seen to be transiting at the tenth house. Pack your bags, as there is a chance of travel, same place you want to explore or you had in mind to visit. At the same time loss is forecasted here, this loss can be of an expensive car or loss of property or loss of gold. The debate centering property will increase, as there are chances that there shall be a dispute in property. In return it will have adverse effect on your health, which will further increase your expenses.


Since the Saturn Mars confluence in this sign is seen to be transiting to the 11th house, it will bring good luck to you. Your gains will be neither up nor down, in other words, they will be lukewarm. Your tuning with your elder sibling will go down, and you can even loose your closest friend, be aware. But there is an increase predicted in terms of respect and you might have some increased financial gains.


With the confluence being at the 10thplace there is good and only good depicted here. An increase in professional life as well as the work place improvements is seen. Here all sorts of gains, such as financial, familial, academic and professional are seen. There are improvements in health and other life aspects are also predicted. All in all it is a good time for you in every arena. ** These predictions are based on the position of Mars and Saturn from particular rashi or sign. It doesnt need to apply exactly the same on individual horoscope. To get the right and exact analysis of Mangal Shani conjunction in your life as per your own horoscope, consult our astrologer on

Mega union


Following are some remedies which will enable you to remove the ill- effects this confluence is bringing. All these remedies are simple and easy, but should be done as prescribed by our astrologer. Since Lord Hanuman is the leader of the two planets, hence advised that chanting Hanuman mantra, would be beneficial. Since Lord Hanuman is an ardent devotee to Lord Ram, it is also beneficial to chant and recite Ram Mantras. While travelling, you can also chant Ganesh mantra at the start of your travel. For  improving your health, it is advised that you should chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. Keeping fasts on Tuesdays and Saturdays, will reduce the ill effects of the confluence. Doing charity and giving donations also helps in decreasing the bad effects of this confluence.

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