Shani Trayodashi: Seeking Blessings of Lord Shani

12 January, 2019

Shani Trayodashi is the Trayodashi (13th day of the lunar month) falling on a Saturday. This is the most auspicious time to please Lord Shani Dev and to win his blessings and most people wait for this day to take up the important measure to amend for their mistake. The auspicious day of Trayodashi is also celebrated as Pradosham in all the Shiva temples along with performing a Shani Puja.


The significance of Shani Dev

Shani Dev is one of the most powerful planets ruling the peoples horoscope. He sits in a particular zodiac sign for 2.5 years, the longest period for any planet to occupy a house. The afflictions caused by Shanis position in the horoscope are Saade Sati, Ashtama Sani, Ardhastama Sani, and its Antar Dasha. Shani is the most dreaded planet and very difficult to please, observing the Shani Trayodashi Puja can relieve people of any evil or illness resulting from Saturns position in their horoscopes.


Shani Trayodashi fast

Visiting temple and offering Tilabhishek (oil bath) to Shani Dev is considered highly auspicious on this day and offer. The complete day is spent in fasting and things like black grams, coal, gingerly oil, black ribbon, nine types of cereals (Navadanyam) and 8 pieces of iron should be tied in a black cloth and donated in the temple or the devotee can also leave under the running water which would highly please Shani Dev. Shani Mantra is chanted on this day along with performing the fast. There are some good acts which can be done to please Lord Shani such as feeding crows, donating black clothes or footwear to the poor. Rules while keeping Shani Trayodashi fast: The process of fasting mainly starts early in the morning on Shani Trayodashi day and ends in the evening at sunset. The strict form of fast doesnt allow intake of water and food while the milder version of Vrat allows fruits and milk.


Mantras to be chanted on Shani Trayodashi

This Shani Mantra is highly powerful and should be recited 8 times on Shani Trayodashi: Hreem Shreem Graha Chakra Vathine Shanaischaraaya Kleem Im Saha Swaahaa Om Sham Shanaischaraya Namah Om Praam Preem Proum Saha Shanaischaraya Namah Om Khraam Khreem Khroum Saha Shanaye Namah.

Benefits of performing Shani Trayodoshi puja

If Lord Shani is prayed with complete devotion on this day, the devotee is bound to get multiple benefits such as devotees to get peace and overcome any risk of major accidents or life threats. People suffering from the adverse effect of Shani or people undergoing the period of Sade-Sati or Shani, Andhastama Sani, AshtamaSani or its antar das are advised to perform Shani Trayadopshi puja as a remedial measure to please Shani. Hence, this Puja is to perform remedial measures to nullify the negative effects of Shani.


The mythical story behind Shani Trayodashi

In ancient times there was a pious Brahmin who lived in the region of Satyavrat. He was highly devoted to all Gods and would perform a lot of charity and was always up for any good work. Once, Gunaratnakaras father appeared in his dream and cautioned him that the Sade Sati period is going to start very soon in his life. Since Sade Sati is a much-dreaded phase in a persons life, Gunaratnakar wanted to avoid the situation by praying vehemently to Lord Shani Dev. Lord Shani was very much pleased with his devotion and honesty. Appearing before him, the Lord blessed him. He said he was moved by the devotion of Gunaratnakar and therefore would shorten the Saade Sati period (7.5 years) to just three and a half hour (3.5hrs) in his case.


Seeking the blessing of Lord Shani

Gunaratnakar prepared himself to suffer the ill effects of Shani for the brief period of three and a half hours. Therefore, he bundled food in a cloth and carried it to the forest to spend the fateful time alone. Meanwhile, a thief robbed some precious jewels from the Kings palace and escaped into the forest. The soldiers of the king were pursuing the thief thats when they saw Gunaratnakar sitting alone in the forest with a cloth bag. They mistook him for the thief and thus took him to the palace. He was placed before the king and the bag was opened in which there was only food. Since he was proved innocent, Gunaratnakar was released. Thus, Shani Dev compressed the seven and a half year Saade Sati period into three and a half hour for his devotee. You can contact our Purohits for performing this Puja with all vidhi or our astrologers for any remedies related to Shani Dasha. Askganesha wishes you an auspicious Shani Trayodashi.    

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