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 Don't Fear SATURN
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sade saati report
Sade Sati Report or Saturn Report based on Saturn Transit along with its
Predictions, Dhaiya Report.
The transit of Saturn in the sign from the house in which Moon was positioned during the time of your birth is referred to as Saade Sati of Saturn.

The Saade Sati of Saturn comes in play in three stages:

First phase: Saturn transiting in the 12th house from Zodiac sign of birth

Second phase: Saturn moving into the birth sign

Third phase: Saturn transiting into the second sign from the birth sign

Saturn remains for two and half year in each phase, and that is why it is called Sade Sati.

As opposed to common belief, the seven and half years are never always unlucky only. The beneficial and negative influence of the planet depends largely upon its relations (friendly/enemy/neutral) with the ruler of that particular house and as per the ownership of Saturn in the house of birth sign.

We, at, will give you details of events which will occur during the various phases of Saturn’s transit during the Sade sati. Due attention will be given to time frame in which malefic effects are likely to occur. This will enable you to prepare yourself for the consequences. We will also suggest you remedial measure so that the malefic effects of SadeSati are reduced to the minimal. The remedial measure which we recommend are very safe and provide good results, these remedial measures effect the only person concerned and do not have any adverse effects on any other person in the family.

The Sade Sati report will include

  • Your natal horoscope
  • Your personal Astrological details
  • Explanation of Birth Chart
  • Effects of Saturn transit
  • Sadesati Detail
  • Yantra advice
  • Astrological remedies

                                    US $13
                                        Rs. 750/-





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