How to Remove Shani Dosha with Your Own Effort

07 August, 2023
How to Remove Shani Dosha with Your Own Effort How to Remove Shani Dosha with Your Own Effort

Shani Dosha or affliction of Saturn refers to the painful tortures inflicted by Shani Maharaj or the planet Saturn on a human being. It is mentioned in the person’s birth chart. This bad effect is believed to cause various obstacles, delays, and hardships in a man’s life. However, as per astrology, there are some remedies that can be easily practiced at home to alleviate all such negative effects of Shani-related problems.

Easy tips to remove Shani Dosha

Go for regular worship

It is the ideal thing if the person who is afflicted with Shani problems goes on worshipping Lord Shani regularly to appease Saturn’s malefic inflictions on regular basis effects. To do this all one has to do is to make an altar at home and offer incense, and flowers to Lord Shani with formal prayers of the Lord. Along with these, the person should go on reciting the Shani Mantra such as Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah with utmost devotion.

Lighting a lamp on a weekly basis

The inflicted person should light a sesame oil lamp in front of the picture or idol of Lord Shani every Saturday evening. This practice since the ancient period is believed to appease Saturn and reduces its malefic influence. Chanting of various Mantras apart from the very Shani Mantra, one may also recite other mantras dedicated to Lord Saturn. These are the most famous effective ones, the Shani Gayatri Mantra or the Shani Maha Mantra. Regular chanting of these Mantras can help one to get rid of the negative implications of Shani Dosha.

Donations and Other Remedies

It is generally called and assumed that if one goes for donations to the destitute, one may escape various kinds of negative effects including various sins and curses. Since time immemorial it has been in vogue to offer food or things to needy persons. There is no exception in the case of Shani Dosha too, when one goes for it. Engage in acts of charity to get rid of highly vicious Shani-related problems. Donate black sesame seeds, black clothes, mustard oil, iron utensils, and black gram called urad dal to the destitute or at Shani temple. This is also regarded as a great measure to dodge the adverse effects of Saturn- affliction.

Wearing black attires

Wearing black attires every Saturday is believed to remove the ominous effects of Saturn-induced inflictions. Wearing all sorts of black clothes on every Saturday can appease Shani Dev and lessen all the malefic effects inflicted by Him. At the same time, it is also highly beneficial to wear a black thread or any type of black gemstone, such as black onyx or black tourmaline. Wearing these gemstones can keep the Saturnic inflictions at bay. All these things are recommended by prolific astrologers who deal with the inflictions of Saturn.

Fasting appeases Saturn too 

The person who is inflicted with Shani-related problems can opt for fasting too. All he can do is to observe fasts every Saturday to alleviate Saturn-inflicted problems and at the same time remove Shani Dosha. Fasting is by all means a great way to keep both the mind and the body free from all ailments. Even fasting has the power to heal a diseased body and help in purifying it too. Fasting has great reverence in the Hindu religion. In various occasions, it is an obvious issue to go for fasting to appease the said deity and at the same time boost health. The body and mind remain free from various problems and a sense of discipline is fostered too on the other hand. Consuming a simple vegan diet or fruits and milk on this particular day brings in the blessings of Saturn.

Reciting of the Hanuman Chalisa 

Another most popular task to appease Saturn is reading or reciting the Hanuman Chalisa. In India and abroad it is a much revered book. In this book, there go devotional hymns dedicated to Lord Hanuman, one of the Cult figures of the Hindu religion. The chanting or reciting of the hymns can mitigate the effects of the Dosha effectively. It is Lord Hanuman who is believed to protect His devotees from all the malefic influences of Saturn.

Meditation and yoga really work 

Once you are afflicted with Saturn curses, you can opt for meditation and yoga practice on a regular basis. These practices on a regular basis bring calmness in the mind, reduce all kinds of stress, and enhance spiritual growth by all means. The practice of yoga and meditation helps the practitioners develop a positive view of the mind and deal with numerous challenges put forward by Shani Maharaj.

Saturn transit and prolific remedies 

During the Saturn transit periods, occurring every two and a half years, one who is badly engrossed by the inflictions of Saturn may perform some remedies as depicted in the very Kundli. These remedies may be of various types ranging from fasting to performing homam (fire yagna). Before going for these all you have to do is to seek proper guidance from a honed astrologer.

Reciting of Shani Stotram 

Reciting of the Shani Stotram, a religious hymn dedicated to Saturn, to alleviate the malefic influence of Shani. This powerful hymn has the power to protect everyone from the bad effects of Saturn.

Visit an astrologer for proper guidance 

To evade the Dosha by all means it is the best way to consult an Expert astrologer. This visit will help you a lot to understand the specific impact of Shani Dosha reflected in your natal chart. It is he who can prescribe you personalized remedies. It is he who can guide you through tough periods.

Final words

We have so far hinted at some remedial measures to dodge the effects of the Dosha. But always keep it in mind, the remedies or measures may vary for individuals. Again the remedies prescribed are not suitable for all who are going through turmoil during the very bad phases. The main things that are needed are utmost devotion, and consistency that can help you to minimize the malefic effects of Saturn and lead you towards a harmonious life free from Shani Dosha.

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