The Truth About Pitra Dosh | What you can do !!

28 August, 2020
The Truth About Pitra Dosh | What you can do !! The Truth About Pitra Dosh | What you can do !!

As the name suggests, this has something to do with our pitras or ancestors. Pitra Dosh means some adverse effects in our life which have their effect due to some wrong deeds of the forefathers or something bad done by us for our forefathers.

Causes of Pitra Dosh

Pitra dosh is of three types or we can say that the effects of this dosh on our life are due to three reasons. These reasons are: 

Placements of planets in the horoscope of a person can cause Pitra dosh, mainly the positioning of the planet Sun, who represents the father or fatherly figures and ancestors. Moon and Saturn also cause Pitra dosh in a native's horoscope. The fifth house (House of Past Karmas) is also seen to judge the existence of Pitra Dosha in one's horoscope.

Wrong deeds or karmas done by the ancestors are the main cause of the Pitra Dosh because of which the successors have troubles in their life. Sometimes our forefathers had committed some crime or bad karma during their lifetime which their generations have to pay back. Pitra dosh can also be due to the untimely death of an ancestor, or due to the unfinished or unfulfilled desires of the ancestors. These events of the past can bring bad fortunes for the later generations of that family. 

One's Karmas too cause Pitra Dosh. If one doesn't look after his parents in their lifetime and does not perform Shradh karma after their demise, one can get affected by Pitra Dosh.

Effects of Pitra Dosh 

  • People suffering from Pitra Dosh have children with physical and mental disabilities, either from the time of birth or later in life.
  • Marriage is delayed and married life has lots of ups and downs.
  • They are always burdened with debts and sometimes heavy debts.
  • A person having Pitra dosh is never successful in his job or business. He or she shall always face a scarcity of finances and is never financially stable.
  • Such people do not keep good health and suffer from one or another disease during their life.

Remedies for Pitra Dosh or ‘Dos’ to get relief from Pitra Dosh

  • One must do Shradh on the death day of ancestors to get their blessings and relief from Pitra dosh.
  • If for three consecutive years the Shradh Karma has not been done, then the dead gets vehement, so to calm them Tripindi Shradh is done.
  • Offer water to the banyan tree regularly.
  • Offer water to the rising sun Sun with sesame seeds.
  • Help the poor and the needy as much as possible.
  • Do Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja to get relief from the Pitra Dosh.  This puja gets you blessings of your ancestors, which in turn bring happiness, peace, and love in the family. It also removes all hurdles of life, overcomes enemies, and bestows with enlightenment.
  • Pujas like Sarv Yoni Karmic Puja to diminish the bad effects our sins committed in the past life.

Don’ts For Pitra Dosh

The people with Pitra Dosh must avoid doing the following things during Pitra Paksha or Shradhs 

  • Do not purchase a new house, clothes, ornaments, utensils, or any other new thing for your house.
  • Do not celebrate or perform anything auspicious during these times like a wedding, the celebration of a newborn baby, or house warming, etc.
  • Postpone important things relating to documentations.
  • Avoid constructing a house or new property.
  • Do not eat non-vegetarian food or garlic.
  • Do not go for a haircut.

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