7 Kundli Doshas to Examine in every Horoscope for Flourishing smooth Life

30 March, 2022

Kundali Dosha reflects on the life path, as a result of these Doshas our journey’s success and happiness get impacted. Dosha in the horoscope is responsible for any kind of adversity or disappointment in our life. Our Success, Achievements, Relationship, Family life, Health, Peace almost every aspect of life can get affected if Doshas are not addressed at the right time in our life path. They develop such circumstances in life that hinder all personal and professional progress. They may even cause redundant stress and difficulties in all your activities.  

What is Kundli Dosha? 

Dosha is basically the presence of negative effects of a certain combination of planets on your horoscope. Some Doshas survive for a longer period of time while some are there for a shorter time. Anybody consistently facing any form of problem in life must get his Kundli Dosh examined by an expert Astrologer.  

How does it form in the horoscope?

There are many inscriptions for Doshas in Kundli

  • Some people believe that Maharishi Bhrigu compiled a detailed Kundli / Horoscope of people who ever lived on earth or will ever live in future.
  • Another belief, the wrongdoings or misfortune of one's previous birth or their ancestors' bad karmas accumulate Dosha in Kundli.
  • Most importantly, it is explained as the harmful effect of certain planetary conjunctions in the Kundli of an Individual.


Do you know how many types of Doshas in Kundli can affect our life? 

There are endless Doshas in a Horoscope but some of them are worth fearing. These Doshas are: 7 Kundli Doshas


Mangalik Dosha in Kundli

Mangalik means Planet Mangal or Mars ill effects. When Mars transits to other inauspicious planets it creates a malefic impact on one's life. Mangalik Dosha has been symbolic of trouble in marriage but it is not solely responsible for it.  The severity of the Mars effect depends a lot on the position of the Mangal Greh or Mars in the 12 houses of horoscope or someone's critical phase of life. Mangal Dosha in Kundali can cause

  • Unnecessary disputes leading to separation
  • Dissatisfaction in Job
  • Financial losses impact the relationship
  • Unpredictable mood swings
  • It is also said that Dosha brings countless failures in life which again causes aggression and unhappiness in relationships

Honestly saying there are different perspectives of Mangal Dosh from different astrologers. Hence it should be evaluated by a professional practitioner. Meanwhile, you can look at a few basic remedies like saying Hanumaan Chalisa, Chanting 21 names of Mangal Dev and if you want to know more please check Askganesha write up mars-a-boon-or-evil and for detailed personal report do visit Askganesha site.  


Kaal Sarp Dosha in kundli

It is amongst the most inauspicious fierce planetary combination in the horoscope. Kaal means time and Sarp means Snake but it is not connected to any snake unlike what many of you might have heard.  The Kala Sarpa Dosha is formed when the 7 planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn come between Rahu and Ketu. In this formation, Rahu is considered as the serpent head and Ketu the serpent tail. Similar to the way snakes strangulate their prey, Rahu and Ketu also strangulate all the good effects of the planets coming in between them. Thus, it gets the name ‘Kaal Sarp Dosh’. Based upon the Rahu-Ketu position in the horoscope, there are 12 types of Kaal Sarpa Dosha in Kundli. The time period of Kaal Sarp Dosh may vary from one horoscope to another. Interestingly, It is also believed that the planet's movement towards Rahu, shows the ascending Kaal Sarp dosh. While movement in the direction of Ketu means descending Kaal Sarp dosh. There are many negative effects of this Dosha but it also develops spiritual affinity in people. Again I would say consult an expert for an in-depth analysis of your horoscope. But few remedies like chanting 108 times Mahamrityunjaya Jaap every day, Fasting on Monday and praying to Lord Shiva can help in mitigating the ill effects. Also, I would suggest visiting the Askganesha site for more solutions from an expert astrologer.  


Nadi Dosh in Kundli

We are aware of the Kundli matching of the Bride and Groom before marriage. Nadi is one of the 8 Kootas or categories considered to find bride and groom compatibility. It is the most important Koota in the Kundli matching process. Inside Nadi koota comprises 8 Gunas of the total 36 Gunas of all 8 Kootas.  Surely you must have heard of matching the 36 Gunas to find marriage compatibility. It has the maximum number of points or Guna. But there is a twist here the Nadi of the prospects should not match. And if they are matching then it creates Nadi Dosha in Kundli. And because of Nadi Dosha Bride and groom can suffer unfulfilling married life. They can have unhealthy weak children. Through this astrologer can check the health conditions of the couple and thereby he can predict the health and happiness of the progeny.  Besides performing Nadi Dosha Puja from an experienced priest, a couple should also contribute grains to the poor and Brahmin families.   


Pitra Dosha in Kundli

The presence of Rahu or Ketu or Saturn in the horoscope reflects the Pitra Dosha in Kundli. Unlike what everybody believes it is the curse endured by forefathers passed on to the next generation. It is not their curse bestowed on their future generation but the curse they accumulated as a result of their misdeeds. Unfortunately, the subsequent generation gets to pay for their mistakes. The Pitra Dosha brings sufferings like no child in the family, Physical or Mental illness, Scarcity, loss of reputation.  Few remedial measures, they should perform like Pitru Tarpan, offering water to the Banyan tree regularly, Pray to Lord Rama. You can also wear Gemstones suggested by an astrologer to reduce the ill effects. If you want to know remedies in more detail visit Askganesha's write up on Pitra-doshas-in-Kundli-curse-remedies   

Gandmool Dosha in Kundli

People born in this Dosha don't have to fear about any malefic effects of Planets. In Vedic Astrology, there are 27 Nakshatras which signifies 27 constellations. Out of these, the following 6 Nakshatras are considered Gand Mool Nakshatra:

Mercury and Ketu rule these Nakshatras 

Ashwini Magha Moola
Ashlesha Jyeshtha Revati

    Gandmool Dosha does create problems in life like any other Doshas, but the intensity depends upon which  Nakshatra your Kundli falls under. The moon plays a very important role here. The astrologers check the Moon's position in any of these 6 Nakshatra at the time of birth. And based on that they determine the formation and severity of Gandmool Dosha. Basic Remedies to consider

  •  Gandamool Dosha Shanti Pooja on the 27th day of the birth or whenever the moon comes back to this Nakshatra again. This puja can be performed only once in an entire lifetime.
  • And most important if your Gandmool Dosha is because of any of Ashwini, Magha or Moola Nakshatra then you should Worship Lord Ganesha regularly.
  • While if it's in any of the Ashlesh, Jyeshtha or Revati Nakshatras then you must worship Planet Mercury. Donate  green vegetables, coriander, Amla, the green emerald, bronze vessel on Wednesday


Chandra Grehan dosha in Kundli

There are several reasons for Chandra Grehan Dosha thereby an in-depth analysis of the horoscope is required.  This Dosha is mainly caused

  • When the moon aligns with Rahu or Ketu in the birth chart, it is known as Purna Chandra Grehan.
  • Secondly, when the Moon aspects only Rahu planet it is Partial Chandra Grehan.
  • Thirdly when an Individual is born on a full or partial lunar eclipse.

  People with Purna Chandra Grehan that is Moon, Rahu or Ketu conjunction in their Kundli are most affected by this Dosha. Emotional instability, Lack of emotional response or Extremely low self-worth are some of the ill effects of Chandra Grehan Dosha. Some basic Remedies for them     

  1. Chandra Grehan Dosha Nivaran Puja 
  2. Donate seven kinds of grains including rice during the eclipse
  3. Chant Chandra Moola Mantra “Om Shram Sreem Shraum Sah Chandraya Namah” 


Guru Chandal Dosh in Kundli

The Planet Jupiter is referred to as Guru and on the other hand, Rahu denotes Chandal in Vedic astrology. Hence when Jupiter and Rahu or Ketu are together it creates Guru Chandak Dosh. Otherwise, Jupiter is associated with good fortune and growth. It enhances intellectual and spiritual characteristics. But when Jupiter aspects Rahu or Ketu in your Kundli all the goodness of Jupiter fades away. Under this Dosha influence, you can visibly see sudden behavioural changes like being short-tempered, rebellious, disregardful and indifferent to other people. The person may get tempted to do wrong things or get into the wrong people's company. Basic Remedies 

  1. Perform Chandal Yog Nivaran puja by an expert astrologer
  2. Regularly chant Jupiter or Brihaspati mantra “Om Braam Breem Broom Sah Gurve Namah”
  3. Chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam also helps 
  4. Donate yellow colour things like cloth, turmeric, yellow sweets, honey etc to Brahmins
  5. Worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu.
  6. Sapphire gemstone can be beneficial.



Kundli Doshas are flaws or shortcomings, found in your birth chart because of the harmful effects of certain planetary positions at the time of your birth. Accordingly, our Vedic astrology has laid out detailed analysis, challenges and Remedial measures for all kinds of Doshas in Kundli. However, along with remedies, it is extremely important to understand the outcome of Dosha and thereby correct your Karmas. The rectification rituals followed by astrologers will help you connect with the Lord. Which will make it easy for you to navigate through the Dosha sufferings. And eventually, it will surely strengthen your willingness, to correct bad karma inflicted upon you by Kundli Doshas.  

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