Significance of Horoscope or Kundli Matching in Marriages

11 January, 2023
Significance of Horoscope or Kundli Matching in Marriages Significance of Horoscope or Kundli Matching in Marriages

Kundli Matching or Horoscope Matching has been considered as one of the most important aspects of Indian marriages down to ages. Although many modern people deny the importance of this process, astrology has a strong base to prove that horoscope matching by all means is a necessary step before finally getting hitched to an unknown person even in love marriages.

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There are numerous aspects of married life that can be previously predicted and problems can be averted with the help of horoscope matching. Vedic astrology since long period strongly recommends matching of horoscopes or kundlis to avoid any major problem in marital life in near future. One can check the kundli milan free on

Kundli matching and strong compatibility

The first reason for kundli matching or horoscope matching by name according to astrology is to ensure the mental and physical compatibility of the bride and the groom in question. This includes the perfect attitude, mindset, temper, and deportment of both persons, which are the basic criteria of a overall successful marriage. Physical attraction is also taken into account to know whether there is enough desirability for a successful prolonged relationship.

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Various aspects of kundli matching

Matching of kundli has been also given too much important to know that transiting of planets in one’s horoscope is not going to stop or harm the career growth and progress of the other person mentioned. Bhakoot or the 7th guna indicates this effect in a prolific manner. According to astrologers who have been working in this field for long time, matching Kundalis, financial stability after marriage is also can be ascertained.

Kundlis or horoscopes are also matched to get the better of the negative impact of various Dashas on marriage and the future of the bride and the groom.  The moment a person is born, the position of various planets and stars become active to decide his/her future. At times the positions of the stars are such that they create various bad phases like Mangal Dasha and Shani Dasha. Such Dashas are ready to bring problems in marriage. With the help of Kundli matching these dashas can be exposed and astrologers can guide the aspirants to do some Pujas at home or at temples to avoid problems due to these nefarious phases.

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With the help of matching of kundli the total health and happiness of children that are going to be born later, can be predicted too quite easily. Nadi the 8th guna in the Kundali is helpful to indicate childbirth and prospective problems come to light around it. Since for a mirthful and robust family, the health and wellness of the children is of great importance. Horoscope matching is necessary to know all about it.

Kudli matching: Dodging all sorts of negative effects

Matching is not only in use of arranged marriages, it is also important in the case of love marriages too. Although the prospective couple generally wants to dodge this step due to possible negative impacts, this can in fact help them in many ways to steer clear of many future problems. As horoscope matching also has thrown light on solutions to the problems through numerous holy occasions and auspicious pujas, it is surely come in great help and making of the bond stronger enough. The trusted astrologers can hint at performing various auspicious pujas for various couples and help them overcome numerous marriage related issues.

Kundli matching: Astrologers can be of great help

Finally, matching of kundli can help to finalize those particular marriages too where every other aspect beside horoscope is suitable for wedding. For such cases, renowned astrologers come in great help. They have specific solutions which are called ways or measures in the language of astrology.

Horoscope Matching

There are certain measures that can be applied quite confidently to lessen the negative and ill-effects of kundlis that never match. The family members of the couple or even the couple can do nothing in this regard. It is advised too, not to take up the serious issues like post marriage period and child birth. It is the best way to take advice of a prolific astrologer to match the kundlis.

Kundli matching and Puja for vibrant life

The moment the Kundali is matched, the astrologer may suggest some specific Pujas for a happy and vibrant married life. These Pujas may be suggested either for matched kundlis or to bring into effect the enhancement of total positivity in the relationship of the bride and the groom.

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Kundalis are also essentially required in later stages of life; the moment the couple has taken a long course of life or come to a so called settled life stage. Sometimes it has been noted that post-marriage situations that are extremely catastrophic situations like sudden health-related or financial issues coming to the forefront. In such cases, the astrologers can ascertain whether some sudden or unwanted movement of particular stars or planets is creating ominous effects.

Kundli Matching for happy conjugal life

Vedic astrology has put enough emphasize on the importance of kundli milan for happy and successful conjugal life. It is believed that the future of an individual may be predicted through her/his horoscope. Therefore, matching of kundli by a renowned and efficient astrologer is absolutely mandatory before getting into a life-long institution that is called marriage or wedding in general terms.

Horoscope matching; the first criterion

For over decades and decades, marriages in India are widely based on horoscope matching. The first thing families consider while matchmaking is the horoscope examination by either of the reliable astrologers. It has been considered as the most important thing before making any serious commitment to be a prospective bride and groom.

Facing the questions galore with Kundli matching

Horoscope matching for marriage is a ritual that has been practicing in India regardless of the social class. So, what is it all about? Does a perfect horoscope matching guarantee a successful marriage? If I get married without horoscope matching, wouldn’t be I happy? Does it be considered only in the cases of arranged marriages? Does Kundali matching help in love marriage?

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Well, these kinds of questions are not something new today. Every other man gets these and thus, needed to be answered after proper analysis from different angles by eminent astrologers.

The Importance of Kundali Matching and Indian Matrimony:

The concept of matching of horoscope basically was born in India and has been taken seriously in an Indian matrimony. Through this, the main idea is to ensure a blissful, prosperous married life. The aspect that boosts the decision-making process is the matching of at least 18 gunas out of 36. The matching of these gunas out of 36 is the ultimate requirement. The 26 guna match is considered to be the best one.

Matching of horoscope is a must in an Indian marriage it boosts the process of matchmaking allowing individuals to meet people with the similar interests. It is the belief that gives the seekers the space to interact and get to know each other quite adequately.

Horoscope matching and potential life

Horoscope matching goes on accelerating the process of meeting a potential life partner who shares the similar set of interests by knowing the opposite ones’ interests first. This scientific observance widens the scope of ending up with the person one likes as well as loves. The total process is safe, transparent and healthy as compared to most Indian matrimony related matters.

According to Hindu Scriptures marriage as a holy union has been planned even before coming to this mundane world thorough a process that is called birth. Marriage is also one of the most bubbling moments in everyone’s life. Everyone wants a good person with whom she/he can spend some beautiful moments, shares memories and feel enough happy. This is the sphere where actual happiness of the person lies intact.

Kundli matching and Indian culture

The place, where marriage is called an important aspect in Indian culture, people nowadays are taking high interests in finding the perfect life partner with whom the life can be spent quite smoothly without any hazards. In Hinduism, horoscope or kundli of both the groom and the bride are matched in order to nullify all ill effects after marriage. Also, in case of any doshas, astrology can offer several astrological remedies and solutions to overcome the very malefic effects.

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The matching is so to say confined within the span of Hinduism. People of other religions such as Muslims, Sikhs and Christians perhaps have no belief in horoscope matching. In fact, there are some Hindu communities too who do not believe in kundli matching or horoscope matching before marriage.

So the question that arises here is, do you think- is it necessary to match one’s kundli before marriage?  In this article we are not going to tell against any religion or their intentions. We are just trying to convey our opinions on the light of Hindu astrology on this issue.

If we cast a glance around, we are sure to watch people marry without astrological advice and boast of living a good life. But Kundli matching or matching of horoscope is necessary for a happy conjugal life.

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