Nadi Dosha: Effects, Types and Remedies in Kundli Milan

19 January, 2023
Nadi Dosha: Effects, Types and Remedies in Kundli Milan Nadi Dosha: Effects, Types and Remedies in Kundli Milan

Birth chart of an individual reveals the Nadi dosha if scrutinized fully well by an expert astrologer. The birth chart of an individual reveals how a person acts in his own way, how compatible two people will be. Among the specific 36 Gunas, Nadi Guna is one of them and the most relevant one .It leads to the Nadi Dosha. 

Kundlis of two individuals, the bride and the groom are minutely examined prior to their marriage. It clearly reveals how two people are compatible with each other. From their thoughts to their various actions, Guna Milan reveals everything. 

Horoscope Matching

According to horoscope matching, 36 Gunas are there the find out the compatibility. Of those 36 Gunas, 8 points are specified for the Nadi Guna. So, if Nadi Dosha is found in the person’s horoscope, the progeny becomes weak. There are possibilities that the couple may even be deprived of having the blessing of a child. 

What is Nadi Dosha in astrology?

As per Vedic astrology, there are 3 Nadis in human body. The 1st one known as Aadi Nadi, represents Vaata (air) element. It mobilizes energy flowing from bottom to top. The 2nd Nadi known as the Madhya Nadi, represents the Pitta (fire) element. It tells of energy, flowing both ways. The last Nadi, the Antya Nadi, tells of the Kapha (water) element and highlights the energy that flows from top to bottom.

Nakshatras and Nadi

A Nadi is associated with to a Nakshatra in Vedic astrology. As per the astrologer, each Nadi controls nine Nakshatras. Thus, we can easily come to the conclusion that there is one Nadi responsible as per the Nakshatras for childbirth.

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If the Moon is posited in the Ashwini, Ardra, Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, Moola, Punarvasu, Jyeshtha, Poorvabhadrapada, or Shatabhisha, the child has an Aadi Nadi.

If the Moon is there in the Bharani, Pushya, Mrigashira, Chitra, Poorvaphalguni, Poorvashada, Anuradha, Uttarabhadrapada, or Dhanishta Nakshatra, the person owns the Madhya Nadi.

The moment, if such thing happens that the Moon is there in the Rohini, Ashlesha, Krittika, Swati, Uttarashada, Vishakha, Revati, Magha, or Shravana , the Nadi is  sure to be Antya Nadi.

Types of Nadi Dosha in astrology

We have already mentioned that there are 3 types of Nadi— Aadi, Madhya, and Antya. It is believed that according to Ayurveda, these 3 represent Tridoshas in Ayurveda. The 3 Nadi Doshas and their impacts on the marital life of the common people may be following:

Aadi Nadi Dosh

If the couple is associated with this particular Dosha, they may have to face divorce, arguments and disturbances in conjugal life. There are even possibilities that these couples may face the most troublesome issue related to children.

Madhya Nadi Dosha

Associated with this Dosha, the couple may have to face severe ups and downs in conjugal life that in the long run leads to divorce. Also, their kids may inherit various health issues and be bed ridden associated with various deadly childhood problems. Antya Nadi Dosh

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With this Dosha there may come severe disasters in life that leads to death of a partner in the long run. Marital life may be utterly cold and there may even come early age health issues too.

Nadi Dosha in the horoscope

Nadi Dosha can be dangerous for the marital life of those persons who are going to tie a knot of sweet friendship for good. Hence, it is necessary that aspirant natives should get their horoscopes matched before they decide to enter into the realm of marital bliss. Mutual understanding is obviously vital between the couple, but the necessity of kundli matching is not the matter to be kept aside too. 

Nadi Dosha impacts on the lives of the couples:

It is obvious that there is sure to be the dearth of mutual compatibility between the groom and the bride. It may be so that, one of them may be short-tempered, while the other one is surely to be absolutely quiet and dumb.

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There may be communication-gap between the couple. Frequent disagreement with trifles leads to regular quarrels, altercations, fracas, between the couple. Miscommunication is sure to be there. All these  lead to frequent fights, arguments and lead to an absolutely disturbing married life.

The obvious impact of the Dosha causes the tumultuous situation as a result of which the married couple can have the chance to barely enjoy a prosperous conjugal life. There may be no abundance of wealth and everything related to mundane pleasure. On the other hand there are possibilities that either of the partners may have to go through ups and downs of the journey of life and go on facing constant loss and failures.

Another vital effect of the Nadi Dosha is that the health of the individual is sure to be inflicted. Ailments are thee round the clock, the life is sure to be fed up on a constant basis. All these lead to financial issues as there are frequent ailments and sufferings of both the partners.

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The marital life of the couple is sure to remain cold and without romance. There would surely be no bonding of love between the partners. Lack of understanding and attraction may be there too. In the worst-case, the couple may go for separation or divorce as the life is totally fed up with regular tantrums.

Moreover, such married couples may have to face such deadly heart rending catastrophes like sudden death, departing of the loved soul. There are even possibilities that one or both partners may face frequent accidents. 

Constant disbelief and disregard about the other partner are another impact of Nadi Dosha. All these may make the family environment burning, tense, and constantly disturbed.

With all these problems there may be progeny-related problems cropping out as well. Females may fail to conceive. However, on the other hand, there are enough chances that the couple may have the blessed with a baby after long years of marriage. But, if the Dosha seems strong either in any partner’s horoscope, there are many chances of be cursed with infertility.

Anxiety, mental stress, and unsettled life are sure to be a constant thing in the marital life. With it, the couples are sure to notice things going from bad to worse in no time during all types of conversation.

The children of such cursed couples possess health issues for most of their lives. Ailments are there throughout the life. In fact, if they are free from one, another one comes out and pounces on the candidate with enough power. Thus the marital life is baffled and by all means destructed. Pleasure is sucked out. One disease is cured and another one attacks within no time.

Exceptions in the Nadi Dosha

It is pretty evident that people having possessed the same Nadi may lead life easily. These are nothing but exceptions coming along with the Dosha in Kundli matching:

The moment, both the partners are in possession of same Rashis, having different Nakshatras, the  Dosha is nullified.

Again, if the partners have the same Nakshatra but their Rashis are different, Nadi dosha fails to enter there too.

There are some pairs that are exempted from the vital Nadi doshas in astrology. They are absolutely called exceptions.

If a male and female have these pairs of Nakshatras, their Dosha gets canceled. They are

Rohini and Purva Bhadrapada

Magha and Rohini

Punarvasu and Ashwini

Uttara Ashadha and Swati

Next in the list of exceptions goes the situation when the bride and the groom possess the same Nakshatra but the Charan is variable. The Nakshatra posited in different quarters also goes on nullifying the Dosha.

The Nadi Dosha gets canceled if the bride and the groom possess different Rashis, but the ruling planet of them is the same.

Remedies mentioned in Nadi Dosha in Vedic astrology

To bid good bye to the impacts of the Dosha in the horoscope, natives can  go for the following remedies and get rid of the malefic effects:

Just to evade the bad impacts of the Dosha after marriage natives may go on chanting Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. Reciting this mantra with utmost devotion may bring about the auspiciousness making the couple’s marital life prolifically strong.

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To ward off the Nadi Dosha from Kundli Milan, one can go for performing Nadi Dosha Nivaran Puja. It has the power to nullify all the negative impacts. The couple has to take the vow that they will perform this Puja together in an auspicious Muhurat under the guidance of an seasoned astrologer.

Donation has a great place in Vedic astrology. Therefore, it is advisable that the couple should go on donating money to Brahmins, foods to the hungry and feed the cows. Other items are needed for human beings to the poor and the needy to ward off the Nadi Dosha in Kundli Milan.

To attract essential positivity in marital life, natives should opt for sheer optimism. These people should meet and interact with positive thinkers to keep the cementing of relationship. With it, the couple must bid good bye to their argumentative nature and quarrelsome attitude as well.

Furthermore, we may go for telling of a remedy for Nadi Dosha. The couple may wear gemstones, place yantras, and chant Mantras under the proper guidance of a prolific astrologer. 


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