An Insight into 36 Gunas

An insight into 36 Gunas An insight into 36 Gunas

Marriage is an institution in India that almost every Indian believes firmly in. It is considered to be not just an amalgamation of two souls but of two families. To ensure the great bond and future of the bride and groom, the practice of matchmaking based on Vedic astrology is relied on immensely and blindly in India. Even today when Indians are inspired by modernization and urbanization, astrology and its preaching still form the basis of matrimonial matchmaking.

The phenomenon of matchmaking of birth charts of the two individuals is said to be Gun Milan in Hindi. Detailed Birth charts or Kundali readings are the deciding factors in which Gunas of the proposed couple are judged. Correct time and day of birth are requisites for the correct interpretation. In the absence of correct details, the Gun Milan will be misleading. The study of gun milan is done to have an insight into compatibility, prospects of kids, longevity, and other traits of bride and groom. Let's find out the insights of 36 Gunas in Marriage.

Doshas– Affecting Married Life Adversely

Doshas helps in anticipating the compatibility between partners or the kind of disputes that a couple can come across. Manglik Doshas, Nadi Dosha, Pitra Dosha, Kalsarpa Dosha, Rajju Dosha, etc are confirmed before the couple goes ahead with the tie-ups. The reason behind opting for Kundali Milan is to ensure there are no Doshas in the natal chart of the proposed bride and groom in the process of matchmaking.

Let us study these 36 gunas distinctly and understand what number of gunas are considered great for weddings-

36 Gunas–

The birth chart possesses 8 categories called Koota which comprises of total 36 Gunas. The 8 chief categories are called Ashtakoota with Ashta referring to eight in Hindi. Following are 36 Gunas–

1. Varan: This Gun is used in finding the computability between the work-life prospects of the couple. Also, one can determine the degree of rift or possibilities of ego drift between the bride and groom.

2. Vasya: This is the second Gun which can reveal the degree of dominance between the bride and groom. Will the marriage be overpowered by anyone who can be determined by this Gun?

3. Tara or Nakshatra: Fortune or luck of the couple can be assessed with the Tara Gun.

4. Yoni: This Gun is used to determine the physical (sexual) compatibility between the bride and groom.

5. Grah Maitri: The idea of the degree of amiability with general compatibility is computed under this Gun.

6. Gana: With this Gun, the match of over-all traits is done.

7. Bhakoot: This Gun is used to find the magnitude of love between the proposed couple.

8. Nadi: This Guna helps find out the possibilities of off spring for the couple.

Gun Count– Ideal for Marriage

• Gunas total under 18- If the total count of Gun after matchmaking is below 18, the marriage is expected to be troubled due to any reason. Possibilities of misunderstanding or sheer incompatibility are large and marriage may end up with a divorce.

• Gunas sum between 18-24- When the total of Gun post-matchmaking of the couple is found to be between 18-24, the marriage in that case would be average. This involves marriage with mix of disagreements and accords.

• Gunas sum between 25-32- As per astrology, the result of gun milan would be great and the couple is said to have a successful marriage with Gun above 25 and under 32.

• 36 Gunas– It is considered to be a match made in heaven when Gunas are found 36. Shri Ram and Sita had a gun milan count of 36. Some believe that it is good for marriage, whereas few feel that this total of 36 Gun isn’t great for couples as Ram and Seeta had a troubled wedding with lots of highs and lows.

Marriages are made in heaven, yet Gun Milan must be done by the astrologers to ensure the unionis between the individuals made for each other. Download the free online Kundali Milan to check the compatibility for marriage. Contact the expert astrologers of the country at Ask Ganesha to find the best match for you or your loved ones.

However the last decision rests on family and couples themselves to marry or not. One can always consult an astrologer and look for remedies when Kundali of couples doesn’t match. Know 3 things to do when your Kundali not matches with your partner.

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