Puja and Mantras for soul

25 January, 2020

This world is full of joys and sorrows. Every person, according to his destiny, gets his share of sorrows and joys. In the present scenario, everyone is going through stress and pain. Life has become difficult and stressful. Everybody is running after money, success, and worldly pleasures. Joys of life seem to have disappeared. The soul of humans has been buried under the burdens of lust, desires, and vengeance. 

What should one do to get respite from this rushed up life?

Don't worry; we have a way out for you. Stop for a while and think, what do you need the most? You will realize that the most important thing that you need is the peace of your mind! Your soul needs to be awakened and rejuvenated. For this take shelter of Spirituality. Choose a mantra for yourself, worship the Deity you have faith in, and see the difference.

Puja / Homam

Pujas are the divine solutions to every problem and pain of yours! You don't have to spend a lot of time for all this. Right in the morning after getting fresh, sit in the puja place of your house, in front of the picture or idol of the deity. Do the Aarti of the deity. Aarti connects you to the deity and you are close to the aura of the deity. The diya of your Aarti sends light to the idol of the deity which in turn reflects from the idol on your body, enlightening your soul and mind. The frequencies emitted by the lamp of the Aarti make protective armour around the soul of the worshipper. The frequencies keep on increasing as the worshipper concentrates on Aarti. The soul is awakened and is protected from the worldly emotions and pleasures making the worshipper peaceful from inside. Such a person is no longer affected by the materialistic desires and lusts. You will observe that you have become more compliant, forbearing, positive, and a strong-minded person. You can take the guidance of an astrologer, who after going through your astrological profile, will guide ,which deity you should worship or which puja or Aarti will be the best for you.


Mantras are very powerful healers of body, mind, and soul. Chanting mantras release positive energy that decreases the negative thoughts and stress from the mind. It has been proven scientifically that chanting any mantra even for ten minutes can decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and are very beneficial for neurological disorders.  Chanting mantras loudly or silently activates the whole of the glandular system which makes a person feel blissful during that period. The whole of the negativity and emotional burdens are removed from the body and one feels happy, light, and divine. A person can chant any mantra. It can simply be ‘Om’, or the ‘Gayatri Mantra’,  ‘Om Namah Shivay,  ‘ Shanti Mantra’, ‘ Trayamabkam mantra'  or any other Vedic mantras like ‘guru stotram’, ‘DurgaDhyan Mantra’, ‘Shri Vishnu Mantra’, ‘Saraswatistotram’, ‘Pranav mantra’, etc. 

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