Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius Astrology Prediction for July 2020

Sagittarius Monthly HOROSCOPE

July 2020

At the start of the month, lots of good things are happening behind the scenes. You will be very self confident and have practical abilities. This month is going to be supportive of the efforts you put in. You are also very tenacious and very persistent. There is an air of secrecy about your life now, and you seem to have powerful support from certain sources. You will be very quick to learn from failure and disappointment. You will be youthful and good looking and fortunate. If you think you are on to a great idea, you could be right. Work on it. These days may also bring unexpected news - see how this fits in your life. Take very seriously any creative project you are doing. Taking partner's support for granted coupled with outside interference would make it difficult to maintain the warm relations. During the month health problems themselves would maintain a distance from you

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