Sagittarius Child Horoscope

Sagittarius Child Horoscope

Sagittarius Child is idealistic, fun loving and adventure, this child is very tender and very friendly. He is jovial and enthusiastic, always wants people around him, does not like to be alone. He is the famous among his class mates and always the center of attraction. You may find Sagittarius child highly optimistic and always have a cheerful and positive outlook towards life.

Sagittarius child poses the athlete qualities and full of energy and always like to play the physical games. If the child is interested in the sports like football or swimming than do let me pursue that. Sagittarius child likes to explore and want to go beyond the boundaries set by their parents. The child loves to go the museums and loves reading so indulge him in such activities may be a museum visit for a day.

Health will remain constant but the energy level may be decreased, may have problems related to muscles and joints. The Sagittarius child should consume lot of water and lot of liquid drinks. Parents need to take care of the hormonal changes in their body. Rest things are ok.

The Sagittarius child has great interest in academics and the child is successful in studies and will get good marks and results. The Sagittarius child is intelligent and can go for higher studies and will be very well educated. The Sagittarius child may incline towards the subjects of Agriculture, Automobile, geology and medicine.

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