Sagittarius All About Horoscope

Sagittarius All About Horoscope

Sagittarius is the ninth sign in the zodiac wheel, is recognized as the sign of the explorer. Sagittarians are known as seekers of truth and would go to any lengths to get their answers. Knowledge is their soul’s fuel and they often hold a keen interest in philosophy and religion – another means of internal quest. Some famous Sagittarius born are BeethovanWinston ChurchillBrad PittBruce LeeLucy Liu, and Mark Twain.

The mascot for Sagittarius sun sign is the Centaur, a mystical creature with upper body of a human (archer) and lower body of a sturdy horse. Quite apt is this symbol for them. The human half depicts their philosophical mind while the animal half shows their insatiable need to travel to places. The Centaur has its bow and arrow raised towards the sky which is another reminder of spiritual side of the Sagittarian folks. People born under this sign always eye the big picture and often disregard problems in their way as trivial issues. They are clear thinkers with a tendency to get argumentative and blunt. However, because of their Mutable Quality, they always listen to others’ point of views too. Needless to say this is how they consume information. The ruling planet of Sagittarius, Jupiter, again reinforces their thirst of knowledge. The Sagittarius people are generous, just and expansive. They are most optimistic beings of all zodiac signs and often regarded as the “hopeless hopefuls.” They’d continue marching towards their desired goal even when the world gives up. This makes them successful leaders. However, they must keep their tendency to procrastinate in check.

Their Element, Fire, constantly fuels them to move quickly. Their speed can at times be counted as their impatience. But for a Sagittarius born, it is all about action and adventure. So, they make good use of their athleticism, stamina and outgoing personality. These Archers are straight forward, curious, high spirited and curious folks whose words often leave people inspired. Physically too the Archers are strong with thick dark hair, sparkling eyes and pleasing voice. Overindulgence often leads them to put on weight and grow restless, but they are always jovial, generous and easily adapting.

Their athleticism comes clear to everyone once these Sags step into the field. They love challenging sports and can even go solo for the most endangering tasks around the world. This outdoorsy personality also excels indoors. Mental games, debates, they were all Sagittarian wins from the word go.

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