Money Reiki to attract Abundance in life

15 March, 2024
Money Reiki to attract Abundance in life Money Reiki to attract Abundance in life

Reiki is a form of energy healing and is a type of alternative medicine. It is a Japanese way of healing and reducing stress. Money reiki involves removing financial blockages from a person’s life using reiki. We will be looking at how to use money reiki to attract abundance in life. Reiki symbols can be used in our daily lives to get prosperity and increase the flow of wealth in our lives. We will be looking at a few tips that usually work for people and will see the flow of abundance in one’s life.


1. Rupee Symbol Tip– It is one of the easiest and best tips for using the rupee symbol. Whenever we are about to spend some cash or write someone a cheque, we need to draw the rupee symbol on any corner of the notes or cheque. Say a prayer that emphasizes whoever gets the wealth is blessed with abundance and happiness. To make it easier you can always draw the rupee symbol beforehand on all your currencies and cheques. Then give it reiki and keep it safe. This will essentially increase your cash flow and the your spends will come back manyfold. 

2. Manifestation– You can do the manifestation in two ways. The first way is to take a piece of paper and write down all your financial needs on it while drawing the manifestation symbol on all sides. Keep the paper in a wish box and give reiki to it until your needs come true. The other way is visualizing what you desire inside of a chi ball and sending it to the universe and praying that your needs are fulfilled.

3. Wish Box– Pick up a small cardboard box and decorate it nicely. On the inner part of the box with a green box, draw the manifestation and the dollar symbol. On the other side draw the same symbols with a red pen. On the third side draw the money reiki master symbol with a blue symbol. On the fourth side with an orange pen draw the rupee symbol. After this, write down all your financial goals and desires on a piece of paper and place it inside the box.

4. Money reiki box– Pick up a red colored box and place different symbols of reiki inside it. Place the symbols that symbolize wealth and abundance and place pieces of citrine, rose quartz, or aventurine whichever is available to you. Keep placing money in the box and if possible whatever money is left at the end of your day place it into the box. This will attract money from all sides towards you. There are certain astrological practices you can follow to get richer this year.

5. Money Magnet– In this technique all you need to do is turn any object that you are carrying into a money magnet. This can be any personal jewelry or some crystal that you can turn into a money magnet. Cleanse the object with running water place it between your hands and yell your intentions loudly. After doing this charge the object with traditional reiki and money reiki symbols. Make sure you carry the object wherever you go. 

6. Energy circle– Take any energy circle you want and draw on all four sides with money reiki symbols. This will intensify the energies of the energy circle and will help you in attracting money. It has also been said that Yogabhyas can help us in gaining wealth.  

7. Grand Master symbol– To charge us fully with money, in money reiki we have a grand master symbol which is known to be very powerful. It is best to do this on a full moon night. Thank God for clearing up all your debts and financial problems. Visualize the grand master reiki symbol coiling inside your body and energizing you with money energies. You can always burn a green candle while you are doing this.

8. World Money healing– Healing the world with money reiki is one of the fastest and best ways to attract abundance in our lives. Firstly, sit for meditation and imagine Mother Earth in front of you. Now give healing to Mother Earth with all the money reiki symbols and imagine that this reiki going to all the poor people on Earth. Finally visualize the world with happiness, prosperity, and filled with love. When you bless Mother Earth with happiness and abundance that abundance will surely come back to you as well.

9. Self-Healing– You need to start by doing self-healing on all your chakras with money reiki symbols. Do this for about 10 minutes and then start imagining money while you ask for forgiveness for any negative attitude that you may have had toward money. This will allow you to remove any negative blocks you may have towards money and release it to Mother Earth.

10. Pyramid– In your room make a special place for abundance and in this place a table with Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. Along with them also place a few pieces of pyrite and a box of pyramid shape and a green candle. Now you need to burn that green candle every day while giving money reiki in that place. Leave some percent of whatever you earn in that pyramid box every month. Feed the hungry and stray animals with that money once a year. This is one of the best ways to multiply your money by placing it in a pyramid box. 

Money is an essential part of one’s life and money reiki teaches how to attract it in abundance. There are also certain remedies that you can follow for being wealthy. If you follow the above-listed ways rigorously you are sure to attract money into your lives.

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