Da finance code: Improve your Money Flow

31 March, 2020
Da finance code: Improve your Money Flow Da finance code: Improve your Money Flow

Money makes the world go round. Nothing can happen without money. Every person on this earth is running after the money. Some succeed in earning an abundance of it while some always hand to mouth. Why some people bask in the glory of bank balances and why someone has no balance in the bank instead of doing a lot of hard work?

What controls the flow of money in a person’s life? 

Hard work matters a lot but sometimes even hard work does not bear expected results or no results for that matter.

 Are you one of them who instead of efforts don’t earn enough to live happily? 

This is because of the adverse planetary arrangements in your horoscope. What controls the money matters in a horoscope?

Houses on the Horoscope depicting prosperity

The 2nd house in the horoscope is known as the house of money, or  Dhan Bhava. The strength of this house, the Lord, and indicators determine the money matters of the person. Besides the 2nd house, the strength of 11th house, 6th house, and the 10th house are also the contributing factors. The 2nd, the 6th, and the 10th houses are known as ‘Artha trikona’ or financial triangle and have great importance in determining the financial prosperity in the horoscope. 

Planets responsible for financial prosperity 

The Moon and Jupiter are the financial significators in a horoscope. Venus is responsible for luxuries and comforts in life. So their suitable placements in the horoscope also contribute effectively.

Principles for Checking Financial Prosperity In Horoscope

  • A native is having good financial prospects if Jupiter is placed well in the horoscope
  • Lords of the 2nd house and 11th House get associated in Ascendant is a very good wealth Yoga in a Horoscope.
  • Jupiter and Venus in exaltation sign or in their own signs promote financial status.
  • A person having benefactors in the 8th house gets riches in inheritance.

Astrology rules cannot be applied as it is, as there are many ifs and buts are associated which can affect the results to a great extent. For better results, one should consult a good astrologer.

How to improve money inflow?

  • To earn blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, who is considered the Goddess of money and prosperity, donate a share of your income every month. 
  • Put a picture or an idol of Goddess Lakshmi at your place of worship and offer Aarti to her.
  • Keep a Kuber Yantra on a piece of Red cloth in your place of worship. 
  • Plant a Basil tree in your house and light a ghee-filled diya close to it every day.
  • Feed a cow green grass every Wednesday to get financial gains.
  • Remove all the clutter from your house. Never use broken utensils.
  • Make a sign of swastika with turmeric or turmeric paste on the door of your office or house. This will attract wealth and prosperity.
  • Chant the mantra of goddess Lakshmi every day. Chant “Om hreem Shreem Kaleem Maha Lakshmi Namah’

Take care of all these factors and you will see the positive changes in your money matters.

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