Have You heard Of Financial Astrology? It Predicts Stock Market Wealth Trading

25 February, 2022

Astrology is about the effects of planet movements on human behaviour and Nature. It is an ancient science that is deeply rooted across many civilisations over thousands of years of observations. Whereas Financial astrology is the study of the interaction between the planetary movement and Market Behaviour. It is an incredible extension of astrology, used to forecast stock market trading timings and cycles. However, it doesn't guarantee a 100% success rate. Do you know big banking giant JP Morgan was a believer in financial astrology? In fact, there is one very famous quote of J P Morgan -

Millionaires don't use Astrology, Billionaires do!


Financial astrology can be understood as a correlation of various factors

Astrology and Stock Market The Sun and Moon play a very significant role in Financial astrology because it represents all the events in the world. At the same time, Planetary transits and Conjunctions have an equally strong influence on Market behaviour. If these transits, conjunctions and cycles complement each other they can have a conquering effect on the market. While if the combinations are opposing each other then it can build a depressive effect in the market. It is very similar to the nature of the Human establishment. When many positives agree then the market often rises. Vice a Versa when many negatives agree then the market often falls.  

Planetary Transits, Solar and Lunar Cycle Financial implications

To understand the behaviour of the market. It is compulsory to study carefully the Sun-Moon cycles pattern first.


Solar Cycle

  • It is the movement of the Sun through Space or its connection with other planets. This is also called the Sun sign or Zodiac sign.
  • The solar cycle is a reliable and consistent annual cycle that moves across 12 sections of the sky called the Zodiac sign. And each year the timing of crossings remains the same. From a Financial astrology perspective, these are the cardinal points that reflect Sell-off or Build ups in the market.
  • It creates noticeable turning points in the cosmos which can be predicted much in advance because of its predictable repetitive pattern. These turning points can be used to predict seasonal or long term investments Stock Market behaviour.


Lunar Cycle

  • It represents the moons journey around the Earth. When this movement between the Earth and Sun creates a shadow, it refrains the complete moonlight reaching the Earth. They can be seen in eight phases or cycles and after each cycle gets over it brings us back to the new moonlight.
  • Each cycle or phase lasts for 30 days. Lunar cycles are of two types Lunar by its own position or phase and Lunar versus other planets.
  • The lunar moon is a good indicator for short term investment. The New moon symbolises low energy or accumulation, while the full moon represents high energy, completion and spending. Thus, buying on the new moon and selling on the full moon can give considerable profitable results. This has been proven in the past subject to other market influencing factors.

The Conjunction between the Sun and the Moon signifies a Beginning while opposition between the Sun and the Moon depicts Market Peak.


Planetary Transits

  • Planet transitions and conjunctions are used as a broad base to gauge the prospects of the stocks. The bull market is created due to negative planetary transits whereas positive transitions trigger bear market situations.

The Cosmic Stars, Sun Moon and planetary positions are so powerful that if studied meticulously they can provide directions on fluctuating Gold Prices and Rupees value.  

Some people excel at Stock trading and financial astrology while some dont - Which one are you?

Planetary changes effect on finances   These are the words of the famous inventor Thomas Edison.

Chance favours the prepared mind

  To prove financial astrology is far easier because the outcomes can be tested with clear probabilities and statistical correlations. It surely does not guarantee anything but it does increase one's chances of success based on probabilities.   However, one should not ignore external factors that can diminish the planetary effects. Such as high-frequency trading or government interference through Central Bank stimulus or artificial inflation or short term news events. Because of these limitations, it doesn't fully influence the markets.  

Astrology alone cannot be held responsible for Bear and Bull effects in the Stock market.

Bear and Bull trading market   Through Financial Astrology one can only comprehend an intuitive Vantage point of market behaviour. But there is no sure shot way of making money in stock markets. It is all about the choices you make in the stock market, whether you want to exclusively follow astrology or not it is your decision. Else you can always choose to combine Financial astrology predictions with the external market conditions. There are many people who diligently consult astrologers before trading in the stock market. One recent example I can recall is that of Li Ka Shing he is amongst the richest man in the world. He pays his astrologer millions of dollars annually. Certainly, he must be gaining some benefit from Financial Astrology, that he agreed to pay such a huge amount to his astrologer.



Hence I believe eventually when so many would start believing in it, that would influence the money flows in the stock market. And Inevitably impact the Bearish and Bullish trend in the stock market. Askganesha has expert astrologers who can make Speculation reports of the Stock market based on your birth time planetary positions. We will help you understand the best time to trade and when you should completely avoid it. We can look into your future Finance status, guide the right time to do rummy, lotteries and sweepstake sources of wealth. Askganesha can address any questions related to your finances and also recommend the best suitable Gemstones for your financial success and growth.  

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