All about healing and its types

10 April, 2024
All about healing and its types All about healing and its types

As per the science of energy healing, every organ of a body when in a balanced state is referred to as a healthy state. But, when the energy level of a certain part of the body is disrupted or hindered, it gets into a state of sickness. Energy healings involves restoring the balanced state of energy level in a specific area of the body and removing the block. The disharmony can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level. Let us delve into healing and its 5 types which are addressed to resolve anxiety, relationship trauma, physical ailments, and spiritual stagnation.

In this blog, we intend to provide information on the 5 most popular and effective types of healings from numerous practices worldwide.

Types of 5 healing therapies in short:


Reiki is a popular alternative therapy in Japan practiced to provide universal energy to those suffering from health and mental issues. Energy from the palm is released to the affected area of the client mainly to heal it. Reiki word is derived from the Japanese word “rei” which means universal and “ki” refers to life energy. Reiki is a kind of healing in which energy is used to cure the affected part of the body. Energy targets reducing the pain which can be emotional, mental, and physical. Energy gets stagnant in the tender zone reducing the discomfort gradually. It reduces the energy blocks and enables flow of energy which elevates the relaxation, reduces the pain, and enhances the healing and other associated symptoms. It is also called palm healing. Money Reiki is done to attract abundance to life also.

Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is an alternative therapy mainly used in curing respiratory organs. This involves the inhalation of salt particles that line up in the lining of airways. It draws water into the airways and reduces the discomfort in the respiratory organs like windpipe, lungs, etc. It is highly effective in respiratory ailments like asthma, cough, influenza, bronchitis, etc. Also called Halotherapy, it is suitable for people of all ages and should be taken under the supervision of experts only in salt rooms. Results are experienced by people even after one or two visits though 3-5 visits in a week have proven great results. It doesn’t involve direct salt inhalation and, therefore shouldn’t be tried at home. It is also beneficial for hair and skin. It enhances skin rigidity and the growth of hairs.

Crystal healing

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine healing practice involving the use of semi-precious stones such as opal, quartz, etc. It is assumed that the energy of these stones is used to relieve mental, emotional, spiritual, and corporeal stress since these stones are assumed to possess energy. The ward off the negative energy from the body with the stone kept close or on the body relieves the individual from the ache. Crystal healing experts place the stones in a specific pattern to induce maximum benefits to the person being administered healing. Crystal gemstones absorb, target, decontaminate, and diffuse energy through the interaction between electromagnetic forces and refine the energy in humans or around his/her environment. Crystal healing's main objective is to strike the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental equilibrium.

Pranic healing

Pranic healing involves the use of one’s life energy to cure the ailment. It targets or works on the aura and energy of an individual. This type of healing is like conducting an X-ray of the aura of an individual to find out the related issues or centre of depletion of energy. Further, body and soul cleansing techniques are used to purify the aura or eliminate the centre of negative energy. Positive energy inflow is induced to fortify the chakra or aura of the person.

Quantum healing

Quantum healing is difficult to put into words, but this form of healing works on the principle that a shift in energy to the level of quantum or subatomic level can initiate the healing process. This kind of healing reveals how positive thinking and approach can change one’s life. Our consciousness along with regulating the functioning of the body can be highly effective in curing the ailments of the body.

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