How To Choose Right Gemstone As Per Your Horoscope?

19 February, 2024
Gemstones as per your Horoscope Gemstones as per your Horoscope

Do looks of gemstones entice you? Want to wear any of the gemstones? Do you know gemstones have specific energy in them and wearing any of them abruptly may not be right for your personal, and professional life?

Astrology and gemstones are interrelated. Every zodiac sign has a ruling planet which is associated with particular gemstones. These gemstones are assumed to bring harmony into the life of the wearer by aligning with the positive energy of the planets. Wearing a gemstone can fortify strengths, remove weaknesses, and bring luck provided right gemstone is worn in the vedic muharat.

Want to have harmony in every walk of your life? Opting for gemstones can be a highly beneficial means of striking balance in your life. Let's take a look on right Gemstones as per your Horoscope.

Here are the Gemstones as per Zodiac Sign

Aries – For natives of Aries, the sun sign which is ruled by Mars, red coral is the perfect gemstone. The red color stone is a magic bullet to enhance vitality, mettle, and liveliness. It is also recommended for all those having Manglik or Mangal Dosh. It is an inexpensive gemstone. It is also beneficial in regulating the blood pressure of the wearer. Also, augments blood circulation and the health of the heart. Know the when to begin wearing gemstone for great results.

Taurus - The ideal gemstones for Taurus natives are diamonds or emeralds. This green gemstone is a kind of Beryl. This stone augments the growth and monetary stability. It is also beneficial in adding love to the life of the wearer or improving relationships. Emerald is an expensive stone that often costs much more than diamonds.  

Gemini- As per Vedic astrology, the gemstone for Gemini native is Emerald. It helps in fulfilling the dreams of Gemini who are often low in confidence. It also brings clarity to the vision and approach of people of this zodiac sign wearing it. It is certainly an expensive stone also known to be result-oriented. 

Cancer – The moon is the ruling planet of cancer zodiac signs and the gemstone that is deemed to bring on positive energy in the lives of is the red stone, Ruby. Along with Ruby, Pearl is also considered lucky for them. The latter is more effective in keeping anger in control. The red color ruby is said to be king of all gemstones and is considered to be an antidote for troubles related to love life and emotional imbalance. Ruby is one of the most expensive gems with great productivity.

Leo – Astrologers suggest peridot or ruby to boost their morale. This gemstone comes in various shades of yellowish green to petal green shades which has nothing to do with its impurity. This stone strengthens the intelligence and allows the wearer to have a transition in life toward the state of being as fit as a fiddle. The healing characteristic of this gemstone is a premium choice for those who want to be more focused. The ace quality peridot is expensive.

Virgo- Blue sapphire is the gemstone luckier for natives of the Virgo zodiac sign. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo whose analytical ability and health can be transformed towards a finer edge. The blue-colored sapphire would add more clarity to the Virgo born towards life.

Libra - Born from 23rd September to 22nd October, Libra natives are governed by Venus planet. To have a blissful love life or to be at the zenith of creativity, Opal or Diamond is recommended to them. 

Scorpio - To be as solid as rock on the emotional front, a gem suggested to all Scorpions is Topaz. This gem is also productive in enhancing the degree of energy in an individual.

Sagittarius - To have luck by your side or have it in your favor, Sagittarius is advised to wear Turquoise or yellow Sapphire. Ruled by Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire works on enhancing Intelligence as well as business opportunities. It is also effective in finding your dream job involving travel across the orb.  

Capricorn - Ruled by Saturn, those born Capricorn would prosper in their lives in every walk of it with the amethyst or blue sapphire. This gem is likely to nurture and back you in disciplines of career mainly. 

Aquarius – This zodiac sign is ruled by two planets, Uranus and Saturn. The stone that can do wonders for them is garnet or amethyst. To keep your spirits high along with innovations, these gemstones must be worn by Aquarians. Speak to an expert astrologer to know about the weight of the gem to be worn for fruitful results.   

Pisces - Moonstone or Aquamarine gemstones are likely to bring the desired positive impact on this zodiac sign ruled by Neptune.

Choose Right Gemstone As Per Your Horoscope

The normal practice in astrology is to recommend the Gemstone as per the Traditional astrology which is done by majority of the astrologers who have a preconceived notion and follow fixed principles. The gemstones recommended usually are as per the lordship of the planet such as Lagna lord, fifth lord, ninth lord, dasha lord etc. Gem Consultancy Report at Ask Ganesha is based on the most scientific form of astrology. In this, astrologer used the division of horoscope up to the sub lord level. The placement of planet in the particular Nakshatra, further on in the specific sub lord and the overall analysis of the effects of the planets is analyzed before judging right gemstone. It is always kept in mind that the gemstone recommended should be effective for the purpose it is required. The gemstone has to be set in specific metal which also depends upon the horoscope of the native. The gems suggested will increase the positive effects of the planets.

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